Technology boosts the quality of services and service delivery beyond the confines of the enterprise. With the changing consumer behavior and consumption patterns, field service providers need to think beyond the present market trends. Digitization is the only way ahead for field service pros to meet the mounting customer expectations. 
Digitization enables the automation of tedious, time-consuming tasks. It improves efficiency, brings transparency, and provides the ability to deliver differentiated services. But realizing such benefits requires reconciling technology with data and human ingenuity. The enterprise has to understand what the customers expect and orchestrate highly focused digital transformation to deliver it. Technology is only one facet of the exercise. Customers and employees are the other facets to consider in the digitization exercise.
A key driver of digital transformation in the field service industry is mobility. Mobility enables connected field service. It places connected devices in the hands of the field staff to enable seamless collaboration among stakeholders. Comprehensive field service management suite like ReachOut, enables seamless scheduling and dispatching, real-time visibility, remote servicing, efficient inspections, streamlined communication, and powerful reports, among other possibilities. Emerging technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality enable more in-depth analytics, automation of critical tasks, and realize faster delivery of services. Digital transformation also requires re-equipping the workforce with better soft skills and competencies in the latest technologies.

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