A comprehensive list of audit and inspection forms available in ReachOut’s digital marketplace

Digital inspection forms have soared in popularity owing to their dynamic nature. The ReachOut Forms Marketplace offers a host of predefined stylized digital forms, customizable to your requirements. These forms make data gathering fast and easy and enable a thorough job. Here are the top ten inspection forms available in the ReachOut forms marketplace. These forms cover various eventualities.
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1. How to reopen the workplace safely?

The workplace reopening checklist guides businesses to reopen their facilities safely during and after the pandemic. The form starts with collecting details of the workspace, including space, total capacity, number of employees expected, and other information. Each item has a checkbox and the person responsible.
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2. How to ensure your vehicle is in prime condition?

A field business depends on reliable vehicles. The vehicle inspection form facilitates a comprehensive general inspection for any four-wheeler to keep it in top shape. It’s a well-structured form that starts with collecting the vehicle’s description, including the make, model, and year, for easy identification. 
The form has two sections: exterior and interior. The exterior inspection checklist covers items like windshield, glass, wipers, lamps, paints, and other vital parts of the vehicle. The interior inspection checklist covers dashboards, AC, lights, seats, floor, and more. 
Similar trunk maintenance inspection forms and tanker/PRV inspection audit forms enable comprehensive inspections of trucks and tankers.

3. How to optimize the computer?

Computers are ubiquitous in today’s digital age. The computer maintenance checklist from ReachOut is a handy guide to inspect and troubleshoot PC systems. The comprehensive step-by-step inspection checklist offers a guide on maintaining the computer and keeping it running in tip-top condition.
The checklist comprises various sections, addressing specific functions such as booting, network settings, and more. Each section has a detailed checklist of activities. The Booting section, for instance, has line items that guide the field agent to perform cold boot and monitor error in the boot process, monitor login script and check for error, and more. The network setting section has line items to check the security settings, client configurations, and more.

4. How to supervise housekeeping well?

The housekeeping checklist ensures the workspace remains in perfect shape always. A clean and well-maintained workplace radiates positive vibes and improves productivity. The checklist offers a yes/no option and space to jot down remarks for each line item. The comprehensive line items cover everything, including clutter, obstructions, dustbins, unnecessary items, and more.

5. How to clean windows efficiently?

A window cleaning checklist is a handy form for supervisors to enforce the correct standards when cleaning windows in high rise buildings. The checklist is in the form of a questionnaire. It covers a wide array of details to ensure that your workplace complies with all precautions and procedures.
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6. Are the electrical installations at the workplace safe?

The electrical safety inspection form is a well-designed checklist to inspect the electrical installations’ safety in buildings. This form captures each installation’s details, such as brand, make or age, and Amp rating. Next, there are many questions with yes/no options and a line to jot down comments for each installation. The comprehensive list of options covers all situations and lends clarity to repair works.

7. Is the premises safe from fire hazards?

The fire inspection checklist offers a template to inspect commercial buildings for potential fire hazards. Each item in the comprehensive list comes with a pass or fail checkbox and space to note comments. Adhering to the checklist will ensure comprehensive fire safety measures.

8. Are the lawns well maintained?

Landscaping inspection form allows landscapers to do their job well, covering all bases. The checklist has sections for preparation, lawn installation, lawn maintenance, and other essential tasks. Each section has relevant line items.

9. Is the worksite safe?

Safety is of prime importance in work sites. The safety inspection weekly checklist enables inspections for compliance with safety regulations.
The checklist divides into various sections. Using these audit forms ensures a safe workplace and compliance with safety requirements. Each line item comes with a comment to note down findings and exceptions.

10. How to conduct systematic repairs?

The roofing inspection form offers a detailed checklist to identify damage and initiate repairs in roofs. The comprehensive checklist covers roof accessibility, roof-style, roofing material, roof condition details, insulation, attic area, and more.
Apart from the generic form templates, users may request custom digital forms. They could also custom-brand all free and paid digital forms to reflect the brand identity. Using Apple Pencil to jot down data allows field agents to mimic the paper-based filing experience. Get in touch with an expert to learn more about how digital forms can simplify your inspections and audits.

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