Apps that Can Boost the Profitability of Your Snow Removal Business this 2020!

The snow removal business is extremely seasonal. But when snow falls, all customers want is the snow to be cleared immediately. The result: snow removal service providers have to meet swelling demand and battle tough competition. In the US alone, the snow removal market is worth USD 20 billion, with an annual growth rate of 3.8%. Just as any high-growth business, the seasonal job of snow removal faces thinning margins amid fierce competition. Only by keeping your overheads low and delighting customers by reducing their wait times, you can stay relevant and make money during the off-season. A comprehensive snow removal service software is indispensable in this regard. 
Like the business itself, the snow and ice management software market is also dominated by several players offering distinct services. Understanding the requirements of our customers, we have curated this list of top 10 snow removal apps. 

1. ReachOut Suite

ReachOut (ReachOut suite) is a leading field service management software that offers intuitive features for the snow removal industry. 
ReachOut’s snow removal service software offer:

  • Intelligent scheduler to process work orders. The scheduler automates the otherwise complex task of assigning snow removal crews. The software factors in variables such as proximity of the crew to the worksite, nature of the job, customer’s preferences, and so on.
  • Automated quotes and invoicing. The cleaning crew can generate invoices and email or WhatsApp the same to the customer as soon as the job gets done.
  • Dynamic ticket management to record and process customer requests. A unique Ticket ID key makes it easy to create and track work orders, inspections, and audits.
  • Mobile inspection capabilities. Some of the handy features on offer include standardized checklists and styled digital forms, annotated photos to highlight issues, and detailed drill-down reports.
  • Flexible reporting capabilities. A choice of templates, option to add before-after photos, and more lend dynamism to the reports. Automation reduces paperwork and allows the field executives to spend more time on their core job.

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2. Plowz & Mowz

The Plowz & Mowz snow removal app is the “Uber” for small removal businesses. Businesses may register in the platform by creating a profile and selecting the services on offer. Customers use the app to book snow removal services in advance. When a customer searches for a snow removal provider, the app lists the registered profiles. The listing is derived based on the location and services offered. 

3. Appscrip

Appscrip is another Uber-like app for snow removal businesses. The app allows customers to locate snow removal services near them, in a handy map, and hire their services. Businesses may register their services in Appscrip, and get listed when customers search for services. Customers get the option to select different services such as snow removal from driveways, rooftops, sidewalks, and more. 

Businesses may also use this app to manage schedules and payments. The option to set cleaning schedules and make payments through the app adds to the user experience. 

4. Jobber

The Jobber snow removal app offers a comprehensive set of features to manage the snow removal business well. The features on offer include on-demand job scheduling and dispatching, bulk scheduling, multi-calendar views, add notes to jobs, route optimization, invoice management and payment collection, and integration with QuickBooks. 
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5. Aborgold

The Aborgold app is another snow removal software offering a comprehensive set of features to manage a snow removal business. The software allows:

  • Creating and scheduling single or recurring work orders, and tracking work completing status using QR code. 
  • Inventory management capabilities, including time and material billing.
  • Automation capabilities for billing and contract renewals. The app also generates accurate bids and estimates with the prices auto-calculated.
  • Smart routing by tracking the GPS of the cleaning vehicles. 

6. Connecteam 

Connecteam’s snow removal app offers a simple GPS time tracking solution. The tool helps supervisors track cleaning teams in real-time and manage day-to-day operations better. Employees may clock in and out using their smartphone, and create GPS-enabled timesheets. Spin-off benefits include better compliance requirements.

7. Service AutoPilot

Service AutoPilot snow removal software streamlines day-to-day tasks. Handy options, such as before-after site photos, ability to alter work orders and schedules on the fly, and more, enable supervisors to control operations from anywhere. Other features include instant invoicing and integration to accounts, automated routing, and the ability to pre-set routes. The app also powers data-driven marketing campaigns.

8. The Service Program 

The Service Program – Snow Removal software for QuickBooks allows snow removal businesses to streamline their operations, and integrate their accounts with QuickBooks seamlessly.
The app allows the business to: 

  • Record the different services provided to various customers, and view customer details.
  • Take pictures of work completion, and get the customer’s signature.
  • Generate insightful analytics such as profitable routes, profitability per customer, and more. 
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks makes accounting easy.
  • Enable structured communications among the workforce.
  • Optimize snow removal routes, with maps.

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9. Loc8

The Loc8 app allows small businesses to create and send quotes, generate invoices, and accept credit card payments. The app integrates with Xero and QuickBooks, to offer account management capabilities. Some other value-added features include pre-built reports, knowledge base, and live chat.

10. YETI

The YETI snow and ice removal management platform offers a one-stop solution for the snow removal business. The platform:

  • Offers a real-time dispatch dashboard that connects to the smartphone carried by the field crew to ensure seamless collaboration. 
  • Maintain accurate records to ensure prompt and correct invoicing, including subcontractor records.

Smart snow and ice management enterprises use snow removal apps to improve their efficiency and delight their customers. Leading apps in the category, such as Reach Out, deliver cloud-based, round-the-clock access, and help business managers unlock opportunities. Business users may break down complex processes into simple steps and give a clean UX to their customers. Check out Reach Out’s snow removal tracking software and get in touch with a customer support agent.


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