Why lawn care businesses should subscribe to these five blogs?

A well-maintained lawn in your garden or courtyard brightens up your day. But sprucing up a lawn takes time and effort. A business that offers lawn care service needs to fulfill the varying requirements, preferences, and aesthetic senses of its clients. The business has to arrange supplies, train the workforce, and cater to different time schedules. Side-by-side, they need to update on the latest industry knowledge and tools. Competition forces pressure on margins, making efficiency improvements mandatory for survival. Here are the five must-have blogs for any lawn care professionals. These blogs offer valuable insights, tools, and other resources to get the lawn care job done in the best way.

1. Turf Magazine

Turf Magazine offers the latest news and information on all aspects related to the turf and landscape industry.
The magazine offers valuable resources such as:

  • Information on trending landscaping topics
  • Possibilities unlocked by new technologies
  • Equipment maintenance tips
  • New and innovative designs
  • Lawn management under extreme conditions, such as snow and ice management, and drought
  • Equipment financing strategies
  • Information on upcoming events, conferences, and garden shows … and much more.

The advice on trends and best practice is handy as a reference resource, and for setting up a benchmark. Most of the articles are by experts in the field.
The app, available in Android and iPhone, offers the mobile version on this handy magazine, with live and updated information.
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2. Sod Solutions

Sod Solutions sells different turf grass brands, sod, plug trays, liquid fertilizer, and nutrition. The company runs an app to offer a wealth of information to maintain lawns well.
The app offers resources to identify the best sod (turf) for the location, and a comprehensive reference on lawn care tips. Different grass varieties need different upkeep approaches and strategies. The app help users identify the turfgrass required, based on use and effect, and offer care tips for each variety. Sod University offers lawn care tips, tricks, and advice.
The app offers expert advice and support for residential lawns, sports turfs, gold lawns, and commercial spaces.

3. Lawn EQ

Lawn EQ is a division of Bahrns Equipment that sells lawn mower parts, engine parts, and other lawn related equipment. The company runs a blog featuring an array of topics on lawn care and gardening.
LawnEQ’s topic selection shows the extent and depth of the knowledge base covered:

  • Space-saving trees
  • How soil compaction threaten trees
  • Gardening in December and during droughts
  • Flowers that deter animals
  • The worst gardening mistakes… and much more.

The blog offers a treasure-trove of practical information, written by experts in the field. The range of topics covered includes lawn care, gardening, lawn and garden safety, lawn care products, and more. Lawn care professionals seeking information on these topics can find the information they need through the blog, accessible through the app.
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4. The Weather Channel

Lawn business is always weather dependent. The Weather Channel app gives local weather conditions updates. The hour-by-hour updates on local weather conditions allow lawn care businesses to plan their operations.
The app delivers push notification on vital stats. The information covered includes temperature, wind speed, visibility, humidity, and more. These have a bearing in lawn care, especially in scheduling and lawn maintenance. For instance, moving in to water the lawn is foolhardy in the face of an imminent thunderstorm. Changes in the weather may need proactive intervention. Many clients seek timely interventions for specific weather.

5. ReachOut Suite

ReachOut’s field management suite allows lawn care businesses to manage their field operations well. The app allows:

  • Field workers to access work orders and connect with clients.
  • Supervisors and managers to track technicians and manage pending orders.
  • Clients to get ETA of the work crew’s arrival.

ReachOut app automates routine functions, especially scheduling. It generates handy reports, improving productivity and efficiency manifold. Field technicians may generate automated invoices, and clients pay online. The blog section of the ReachOut suite also gives away many tips and tricks to help lawn care professionals stick ahead of the evolving competition.
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The above resources offer insights on both the established and lesser-known methods of lawn care. They also provide information on the latest events and happenings and share insights and tips to work smart. In today’s knowledge-based economy, the information and support offered by such apps are priceless. No company can expect to do everything on their own. Subscribing to these apps allows the lawn care business to cultivate an ecosystem of smart resources. Investing in these apps is a no-brainer. The returns realize in a short while as savings and improved customer satisfaction.
With ReachOut’s powerful suite, you can handle lawn care inspections, schedule maintenance jobs, manage multiple clients at different locations, record details, share estimates, manage invoices and much more. Sign up for a free account. 

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