How does commercial landscaping draw more customers to your business? 

Commercial landscaping is vital to allure customers and increases sales and goodwill. ReachOut’s landscaping software helps professional landscaping companies to stay organized. 
Landscaping takes a lot of work. It entails planting trees, shrubberies, grass, flower beds, and other vegetation, installing walkways, retaining walls, fountains, rain gardens, lighting, setting up irrigation systems, and more. It also includes maintenance tasks such as mowing and manicuring grass, removing weeds, pruning plants, mulching flower beds, fertilizing lawns, and regular watering. But the efforts are worth it. A well-designed and maintained landscape radiates positive energy. It strengthens the image of your business, delighting both customers and employees.
Lawns originated in the castles and homes of the 16th century English and French aristocrats as status symbols. Landscaping has evolved considerably and spread in popularity since then. Commercial landscaping services have been adopted by offices, retail stores, industrial establishments, non-profits, clubs, marinas, educational institutes, banks, restaurants, hospitals and clinics, hospitality services, and sundry others to attract more customers and improve their image.
Here are the top five advantages of commercial landscaping that draw customers to your business. Leverage these advantages to enhance the worth of your business.

1. Enhance the appeal and value of the property

Commercial landscaping improves the property’s market value and the net worth of your business by extension. Enhanced appearance adds to the awe of the property and increases valuations. 
Perception shapes people’s attitudes. Clean landscaping is one of the best ways to create a positive perception. The cliché saying “the first impression is the best impression” often holds. Visual appeal and aesthetics are just as important as the product characteristics. Many customers look for value, not just in what the business sells but also in how it upkeeps itself. Customers who see a well-done landscape in front of a store or office building get a detail-oriented business image.

2. Increased sales

Enterprises innovate to gain an advantage over competitors in today’s ultra-competitive business environment. Landscaping is becoming a sure-shot way to impress customers and drive them away from competitors.
Well-planned and maintained landscapes deliver a psychological effect of bliss and happiness on customers who enter the space. Aesthetically pleasing business premises spread an air of positivity. It entices customers to spend more on products and services and continue the business relationship.
By investing in commercial landscaping, the business also communicates to its shareholders its eco-friendly approach. It’s crucial in the current age of heightened environmental consciousness, where customers give preference to companies that adopt eco-friendly practices.
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3. Better productivity and satisfaction levels

Plants and greenery absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to improve the air quality in the vicinity. A single tree on the premises could remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air. Having plants and greenery around the business area improves the health of the workforce.
Empirical studies link landscaping to improved productivity. A work environment that co-opts natural elements makes the employees feel better and improves the employee experience. Researchers estimate that a lean and green office with plants increases productivity by about 15%.
Employees surrounded by plants and greenery feel less pressure and more satisfied than employees who work in a dank place with buzzing lights and overgrown weeds. A landscaped lawn also offers employees an opportunity to enjoy a refreshing break, connecting with nature. It also creates a natural meeting space, promoting bonding and interpersonal relationships among the workforce. The enterprise may also use the landscaped place to organize yard-game days, barbecues, and other team bonding activities. Employees become more lively and productive, and this has a significant bearing on customer satisfaction as well.

4. Privacy and security

Landscaping allows greater privacy and security. The proper placement of shrubs and trees conceal windows, making it harder for passers-by and spies to peep through the window. Thoughtful landscaping prevents neighboring businesses from viewing what happens inside or seeing the customers who enter the premises. Many customers prefer such privacy. For instance, a customer might not want his bank to know he has exited their branch and walked into their next-door competitor.
Well-manicured lawns signify zero-tolerance for slack. This has a subconscious impact on vandals, spies, and other anti-socials. Landscaping also enables natural access control. For instance, the business could delineate entry and exit through a neat row of bushes rather than intrusive and offensive sheets or bars.
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5. Cost savings

The right type of landscaping offers shade and provides a cooling effect during the hot summer months. During winter times, these same landscaping elements may provide insulation and a snow screen. The net result is significant savings on energy bills. Trees and plants, placed strategically to offer shade, improve the cooling system’s efficiency by 2% to 4%. Shade trees lower summer cooling bills by about 25%, offering direct cash savings for the business.
Many establishments hesitate to landscape their premises as it distracts them from their core activity. Landscaping is a time-consuming job. It requires a good understanding of the techniques and suitable tools to get it right. Maintaining proper spacing between the plants, setting up an appropriate filtration system to ensure adequate water run-off, soil matching and amendments, applying the correct fertilizer, seeding, and weed elimination at regular intervals; all require professional expertise and much time. The task also requires numerous tools such as mowers, hedge and tree trimmers, weed whackers, rakes, shovels, lift mechanisms, and treatment-application equipment.
Hiring the services of a commercial landscaping company makes for a sound investment. A professional landscaping agency adopts sound techniques such as landscaping software to reduce maintenance and cut costs. 
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Successful commercial landscaping depends on regular caring and quick response to issues. Any delay could convey an impression of an uncared lawn and quickly become counter-productive. For this reason, the best commercial landscaping companies set up a field management system with automatic dispatch, auto-inspections, and automated invoicing capabilities. A good field management suite, delivered through intuitive apps, becomes a one-stop resource for the field agent. Are you ready? Sign up for ReachOut landscaping software now!

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