As a roofing contractor, you must have faced challenges while invoicing, estimating quotes, or scheduling tasks. That’s why roofing contractors and businesses are now highly opting for Roofing Contractor Software to coordinate and streamline work seamlessly. 

However, not all roofing software has the same functionality or delivers the same benefits. To reap top benefits and ensure a healthy return for your investment, companies must ensure the suite selected co-opts the following features and functionality.

1. Preparing estimates and bids 

Preparing estimates and quotes is integral to a roofing contractor’s work. The process involves complex measurements that include making advanced measurements and calculations. The input variables include not only the length and width but also the pitch, number of chimneys, area of skylights, and other variables. Next comes the choice of materials and labor. Creating roofing estimates involving such variables is time-consuming and error-prone. Calculating the extent of work required involves guesstimates. 

A good roof estimation software automates estimating project costs and preparing competitive bids. Business managers can access advanced calculation tools not easily accessible otherwise. Performing complex calculations involving multiple variables becomes easy. Some advanced software even pulls in measurements from satellite imagery or drones. 

The best software offers dynamic interfaces. The quote changes instantly when the user changes the area, material quality, or other input variables. Contractors who rely on this software can create professional estimates in double-quick time.

2. Simplifying job scheduling

Job scheduling is integral to any roofing contractor software. A good roofing scheduling software makes it easy to assign jobs to field agents, manage teams, and track project timelines.

After receiving an open work order, the roofing scheduling software assigns a free crew. 

The software matches work crews to open work orders considering:

  • The crew’s skills, competencies, and experience in undertaking the job. For instance, if a crew has experience performing a similar job earlier, they will find it easier to undertake the task than a novice.
  • The crew’s work timings, the company’s working hours, and any holidays. The software matches these considerations with the customers preferred timings also.
  • Jobs already assigned to the work crew. Assigning a nearby job reduces travel time.
  • Leaves applied and approved. Integrating the software with leave management eliminates friction and further streamlines job allocations.

The service business software also makes it easy to cater to emergencies. Assume one customer calls to complain about a roof leak needing immediate attention. Or one crew assigned to a job suddenly calls in sick. The software identifies the next-in-line crew or reassigns the nearest crew. The rescheduling of downstream jobs impacted by the change also gets done automatically.

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scheduling and route optimization

3. Efficient dispatching

The roofing contractor software integrates with maps to direct work crews to their sites through the best routes. The work crew spends less time on the road than navigating independently, and they get more time to service more customers per shift.

4. Integrated inventory management

A system for tracking materials and inventory avoids overstocking and also stock-out situations. Integrating inventory management with field service allows assigning crew after confirming material availability. For instance, scheduling a work crew without arranging the roofing sheets upfront makes little sense. 

5. Co-opting project management functionality

The best roofing contractor software tracks project progress and manages tasks. The suite:

  • Enable GPS-based tracking for managers to track the progress of work crews. They can make real-time interventions to set things right.
  • Structures workflows using forms and checklists. Making field crews work through checklists ensures compliance with safety norms and regulations.
  • Tracks the time field crew spend on their job to enable billing and measure productivity.

6. Easy collaboration

Good roofing software connects different stakeholders and facilitates easy communication. The best suite:

  • Offer dedicated collaboration options, such as chat. Tracing and retrieving communications becomes easy, and miscommunication reduces. Generic chat tools become unviable when handling multiple projects. The chances of missing some vital communication become high without a dedicated suite.
  • Offer stakeholders information through calendars and documents.
  • Issues prompt nonfiction, reminders, and updates. Customers get the ETA of field crew arrival, the status of work execution, and other important notifications. The field crew gets notifications on tasks, schedule changes, and other important developments.

7. Dynamic reporting and document management

One big advantage of roofing contractor software is easy, flexible reporting. Any standard roofing software generates productivity, costing, financial and other reports. 

The best software also co-opts features for: 

  • Storing, organizing, and retrieving essential documents, such as contracts, invoices, and architectural drawings. 
  • Knowledge repositories containing handbooks and instruction manuals. Work crews may access and refer to such documents using their smartphones. 
  • Accessing data from internal and external databases using APIs. The suite builds custom reports using such desired data. These customizable reports offer powerful insights that enable informed decision-making and boost compliance.
  • Integrating photos into reports, offering greater and more impactful insights.

Good roofing management software comes with built-in CRM functions and APIs that enable the free flow of data. Field agents who access CRM data, service history, work orders, and other essential information get context to their work. The better insights help them avoid mistakes and omissions during work execution.

8. Invoicing and payment processing

Processing invoicing and payments through the traditional paper-based system is a nightmare for work crews. Instances such as invoices getting lost and checks getting misplaced are standard. The business suffers from cash flow issues due to delayed payments or unpaid jobs.

The roofing software automates the invoicing process and facilitates easy payment processing. 

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Field crews may use their smartphones to access the software app and mark the work as complete. They can also get the customer’s electronic signature as proof. The backend calculates the time the field crew spends on the job, materials consumed, and other particulars to auto-generate the invoice and email it to the customer. The crew may collect the payment using the integrated payment processing platform.

The software handles all aspects of billing, including tracking payments and generating reports. It also takes care of backend tasks such as updating accounts and invoicing.

A good roofing contractor software such as ReachOut offers all the capabilities mentioned above and much more. The software integrates seamlessly with other enterprise and third-party systems. With its intuitive dashboards, the mobile app makes scheduling, dispatching, and reporting easy. The clean interface and the dynamic information management options boost productivity. 

ReachOut roofing software syncs with all devices and offer the utmost flexibility. The cloud-based suits work offline and sync when online, making them accessible 24×7 from anywhere. The improved efficiencies the suite brings help work crews to complete more jobs in less time. Ready-made templates streamline inspections and audits. Contractors can manage multiple projects in various locations simultaneously. They can optimize asset use and increase profits without degrading service quality or time. Work gets done faster, making customers happy while enhancing business growth and profits. 

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