Field service management is the organization of business operations outside of the office. Examples include field sales, installation, maintenance, lawn care, and fire and safety inspections.

Service management is a crucial function for most enterprises. For many establishments, field service is the core function. For many others, service management is a peripheral function. An equipment manufacturing company will have a full-time field service team for services and repairs. On the other hand, a landscape consultancy service may not have a storefront. The entire operations occur at customer premises. Regardless of the nature, streamlining service management makes the business competitive.

Why Should Businesses Focus on Improving Service Management?

In today’s cutthroat competition, businesses strive to reach out to customers. Field agents in most successful business models go to the customer’s location. Expecting the customer to make their way to the business is suicidal.

Optimizing service management processes also deliver internal efficiencies. Interventions aimed at optimizing field service improve workforce productivity. Work gets done fast, with faster time to execution. All these enhance the quality of output, improving customer satisfaction.

Improving service management functionality makes sound business sense as well. With improved internal efficiencies and greater customer satisfaction come increased profits. Satisfied customers refer to the business and leave positive reviews, leading to an upward spiral.

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How does Service Management Software Help?

Deploying field service management software is the most effective way to spruce up service management.

Field service software lends structure and purpose to service management tasks. Without service management software, the field agents and technicians may miss the forest for the trees. They may remain busy full-time but fail to achieve targets or fulfill enterprise goals. Their work may be low-priority, or their work method may not align with the company strategy or customer interests.

Field service management software offers an easy way to track and prioritize jobs. The software also matches competent technicians with pending jobs. For instance, sending a newbie technician to repair complex equipment because he is the next in line will result in wasted effort. The newbie technician will make a mess of it, forcing a reschedule and decreasing first-time-fix rates. A field service management suite matches the technician’s skills with work order specifications.

Improving first-time fix rates depends on the technician proceeding to the work site with the correct tools and spares. Service management software syncs scheduling with the inventory.

Another benefit of field management software is process automation. Automation reduces clerical work and improves productivity. For instance, technicians can repair equipment rather than waste time with paperwork. Automated invoicing saves time and costs and improves the company’s cash flow. 

Mobile apps, checklists, and real-time visibility enable greater control over field operations. Businesses may reorient workflows to focus on the customer, further improving customer satisfaction.

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Choosing The Right Service Management Software

ReachOut offers field agents and managers a comprehensive tool that automates and streamlines all service-related tasks. The suite enables

1. Dynamic ticketing system. When a customer queries, the suite opens a ticket, making it easy to track the work end-to-end.

2. Automated quote management. Service engineers may use the suite to generate quotes. On approval, the quote converts to a work order. Customers and field agents may edit the quote, offering greater flexibility.

3. Scheduling. ReachOut offers advanced scheduling capabilities, including easy calendar views, drag-and-drop functionality, and more. Schedulers gain visibility on upcoming jobs and field agent availability in a single pane. They may assign jobs to minimize agent downtime and reduce customer wait time.

4. Dispatching. ReachOut integrates with maps to guide field agents to their worksites through the best routes.

5. Real-time tracking. ReachOut field management software leverages the field agent smartphone’s geolocational capabilities to enable live monitoring. Managers may intervene to set right any issues. Customers get an accurate ETA of the assigned technician.

6. Easy access to information. With ReachOut, field executives have it easy to access information on the move. Push notifications offer real-time alerts on changes. The mobility app, which comes with a neat interface, consolidates all relevant information in one place. The field executive can access the work order, service history, customer location, and product manuals. Technicians reach the work site equipped with the complete project and customer information.

7. Streamlined communications. Routing communications through the mobility app lends dynamism and vigor to field operations. Field agents may collaborate with the head office or connect with remote experts for assistance. They may also refer to previous communications easily.

8. Robust inspections and audits. ReachOut forms marketplace offers hundreds of forms and checklists. These resources suit any workflow, audit, or inspection.

9. Reporting. ReachOut’s robust reporting capabilities improve agent productivity and the accuracy of work output. Easy-to-use forms, available for download at the click of a button, accelerate the reporting process. Electronic data-gathering capabilities remove the hassles of paperwork. The mobile app auto-populates form fields to the extent possible. The technicians do not have to waste time or risk errors when re-entering paper forms to the computer. The ability to co-opt images and videos makes reports more insightful. Better quality reporting improves decision-making. The ability to configure auto-dispatch of reports at the desired time improves compliance. Managers may also set up real-time reporting to intervene without delay if the report reveals anything out of line. Capturing the customer’s electronic signature offers proof of work completion.

10. Automatic billing. Automated billing capabilities further reduce clerical work and improve process accuracy. On work completion, field agents use ReachOut field management software to kick start invoicing. Robust APIs gather information from internal and external databases. For instance, it collects the hours worked from the timesheet and the rates from the work order. 

11. Email client configuration. ReachOut allows configuring email clients of popular services such as Gmail. The invoicing system auto-dispatches the invoice to the customer. 

12. Instant payment collection. ReachOut service management software integrates with payment collection platforms to enable contactless payments. The customer may make payment easily and instantly. The details move to the linked accounting and payroll software, reducing clerical work.

ReachOut Suite service management software optimizes field service management to boost efficiencies and delight customers. Businesses using the software increase profitability without increasing rates.

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