ReachOut’s Retail Audit Software: Four Reasons Why Retailers Should Adopt It

Retail audits are vital to maintaining any store. Regular audits track the effectiveness of various interventions. It keeps the store administration in prime shape. Store audits are a great way to track the state of your business. It offers deep insights into several facets of the business, which may otherwise remain hidden.
But retail audits are a cost center, requiring time and resources. While it plugs leakage, decision-makers may use the limited resources for core business activities. This is where an advanced retail audit software like ReachOut suite helps you. 

Why You Need a Software for Retail Auditing?

A store audit suite collects hard data from the store and analyzes it to gauge the health of the retail store.
It makes explicit information such as:

  • Items that sell and does not sell
  • Inventory levels, including items with inventory glut and shortage, and damaged products
  • Average revenue and sales volume 
  • Assessments of visual merchandising and in-store displays
  • In-store location of products, including shelf location, SKU numbers, inaccurate shelf tags, and so on
  • Insights into pricing strategy and other strategic insights

ReachOut’s audit suite offers a comprehensive and in-depth analysis. The information on offer is much more than the monitoring numbers offered by many other competitors.
The detailed analysis on offer enables managers to pin-point store-level issues. 
For instance, 

  • inventory analysis leads to an increase in the order quantity of items that always run out of stock. 
  • analysis of product damage rate triggers investigations to find out the reasons behind a product’s high damage rate. 
  • storefront data can unearth inconsistencies in in-store presentation, visual merchandising, and brand compliance. 

These factors have huge implications for retail sales.
The audit suite auto-generates compliance audits and product quality investigations. ReachOut offers value-added options such as in-store surveys, mystery shopping data collection and more.

1. Audit Enables Better Control

ReachOut’s retail audit suite offers full visibility into field operations. It leverages the power of simplicity. The smooth and sleek visual interface, which comes with Kanban views, makes everything explicit. 
The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to appoint team leaders and assign jobs to audit staff.
Sleek graphics reveal real-time status and enable location tracking of the audit team. Dispatchers save time, the productivity of field staff improves, and customers stay updated.

2. Back-End Automations Improve Efficiency

ReachOut’s robust back-end capabilities stand out as a key USP. 
The suite assigns new customer requests to a field service agent based on availability. The in-built algorithm assigns the best team to the best client, depending on expertise and location. Customers appreciate such responsiveness and quick turnaround times.
Push notifications alert managers and other select stakeholders on important happenings. Field staff gets reminders on upcoming and due audits. Customers get the ETA of the inspection team. Supervisors get alerts on the completion of audits. The manager and customer support teams get immediate alerts when a client makes a new service or inspection request.

3. Intuitive App Facilitates Seamless Capture of Information

Traditional paper-based audits involve messy paperwork. It involves manual checklists and capturing of photographs separately. Manual errors lost data, and physical re-entry of data for analysis are some of the common inefficiencies in such systems.
The ReachOut audit suite removes pain points associated with such paper-based retail audits. It facilitates quick and easy digital audits of stores in many locations.

  • ReachOut’s digital features offer skip logic, drop-down lists, ability to make notes and more.
  • Intuitive apps for field service associates allow real-time entry of information from the retail store.
  • The app leverages the smartphone’s camera to capture photos. The field staff may take pictures through the app. They can mark up images with notes or comments and include reference details. References and follow up becomes very easy.
  • Field associates may complete inspections without an internet connection. The saved data syncs with the cloud server when the Internet becomes available.
  • The seamless capture of information eliminates duplication and errors. It brings in transparency and makes the entire ecosystem much smarter.

4. The System Rests on Robust Collaboration

The collaborative component of the ReachOut suite allows seamless transmission of audit findings. It facilitates assigning post-audit follow-up tasks to employees or contractors.
ReachOut’s flexible reporting capabilities facilitate the easy portability of data. Decision-makers who compare audit results with inventory, sales, and resources data can gain a complete view of their operations.
Many people regard store audits as a complex process to track their operations and performance. But retail audits are crucial to maintaining the efficiency of sales channels. Conducting regular audits helps to keep the customer experience top-notch. 
Reach Out’s retail audit software makes way for faster inspections. Manage your retail inspections, scheduling, dispatching, accounting and customers with ease using our cloud-based solution and companion mobile app for your retail auditors.
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