Why organize and simplify your inspections and audit scheduling with ReachOut’s audit management software? 

An inspection audit is a structured and formal method to gather information. Field service providers and professional service companies that cater to multiple businesses’ needs often face data-gathering challenges due to generalized and rigid inspection forms. This is where ReachOut brings a difference by enabling customized inspections. The platform allows tailoring inspection elements according to an enterprise’s needs. ReachOut audit software infuses dynamism into the process. It makes an otherwise time-consuming task easy and fast. 
Here’s what ReachOut’s audit and inspection management software offers:

1. Ability to create dynamic and custom forms

ReachOut offers a simple way to create dynamic inspection forms through the audit software’s inspection module. ReachOut’s Digital Forms Marketplace allows users to subscribe and download the templates they prefer. Users are free to choose any default template and use it as such, or customize the template according to their specific requirements. Admins may associate each new form with a site or machinery. Adding questions and input boxes to the customizable form is a straightforward process. 
A digital inspection form may contain:

  • Text boxes for descriptive noting
  • Options to upload photographs, audio, and videos
  • Multiple-choice or option boxes. It is easy to set scoring features using the baseline features in the list of options.

Admins may customize the form with questions that guide the inspector through the process. ReachOut allows adding logic to forms. The inspector gets different pages, depending on the selected option. Admins may configure the form to display the relevant pages and hide the other pages. For example, an answer of “yes” to the question “Is the air-conditioned vent leaking water?” moves the form to a page on inspecting the air conditioner. 
Modifying forms in ReachOut inspection software for later use is just as easy as creating a new inspection form.
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ReachOut’s digital forms2. Create inspections

ReachOut audit software offers several flexible options to create an inspection. The admin may, for instance, go to the Inspection Management module, click on Inspection Home, and create a new inspection button. The system auto-generates a unique Inspection ID. The admin has the option to override the ID and assign a custom one.
After creating the inspection, the next step is to link the inspection with the customer. By default, ReachOut links the inspection with the last customer location referenced. Admins may change this default option easily using the “Change Customer” button. 
ReachOut app’s powerful search functionality makes it easy to find the customer. Entering three characters of the customer name or customer ID throws up a list of relevant suggestions. The Add Customer button makes it easy to add a new customer.

3. Configure the inspection package

Enter the inspection details or configure the inspection package with the required information. 
Co-opt the following elements in the inspection package: 

  • Forms: You can pull in the forms required for the inspection from the inspection module. Creating a new inspection package requires a minimum of one form.
  • Description and Instructions:  Set the customer location and the description of the site or machinery. Creating categories and names makes it easy to sort and filter inspections in online views and reports. The audit software allows any number of categories.
  • Priority:  The admin can prioritize the inspection as low, medium, high, or critical.
  • Start and End: You can set the planned start and end dates and time of inspection. The check-in and check-out time makes it easy to track the field agent’s work.
  • Source: There is an option to attribute the source of the inspection order. It makes it easy to track the inspection’s source. Correct attribution makes invoicing easy and helps marketers in their engagement.
  • Invoice: Co-opt the invoice option that covers the cost of the inspection. The software sends the invoice to the client automatically after the inspection.
  • Signatures: ReachOut offers the option to collect the electronic signature of the field agent and the customer.
  • Status: ReachOut audit management software offers default status values of “unassigned,” “new,” “execution,” “review,” “closed,” and “archived.” Applying custom rules changes the status of an inspection based on user actions. 

Except for a single form, all the other details are optional. 
Admins may customize the forms and inspection settings using the inspection software. They may change the default settings easily and sync them according to the way the enterprise works. 

4. Create inspection templates

Inspection templates allow bundling and re-use of a set of inspection forms and completion steps. Admins may create inspection templates by organizing the items in the template box in any combination and applying one or more forms to the mix. Choosing the items to include in the inspection is a simple task of checking the boxes. Such templates make repeat inspections easy. 
Users have the flexibility to save and postpone the scheduling and assignment of the inspection to a later time. They may also create inspection forms and templates on-the-fly to conduct instant inspections. 
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inspection forms5. Completing inspections online

The first step to begin an inspection is to assign the created inspection work order to a field agent. ReachOut allows assigning inspections to a team, but the team manager is responsible for assigning a work order to a specific field agent. The field agent is designated with an inspection order, complete with the details entered by the admin. The admins’ ability to edit the inspection order, or use the scheduler to dispatch inspections, adds to the flexibility.
To start conducting the inspection, the field agent may open the ReachOut app and click on the relevant inspection ticket assigned to them. They may also access their inspection orders through the web browser. The inspector (field agent) checks-in to the customer site and downloads the forms attributed to the inspection, with the associated instructions. 
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estimates and invoices6. Filling the forms is an easy and self-evident process

ReachOut allows inspectors to add images to forms. They may also add notes or write on top of these images. Select the “add media” option to click or upload pictures directly to the form. These images allow HVAC contractors, landscapers, pest controllers, and other field management businesses to present proof of work or substantiate the need for repairs. 
Another handy feature of ReachOut inspections is the ability to add correction cost estimates. The inspector or agent may add an estimate to resolve the issues highlighted during the inspection. The admin may revise the estimate as required, offering an additional filter before sending it across to the customer. ReachOut allows creating a work order, inspection, or ticket based on the correction cost response.
Overall, ReachOut audit software makes the otherwise complicated and tedious task of conducting audits simple and easy. Identify and fix anomalies in double-quick time and drive competitive advantage through ReachOut’s audit management software. Contact us to learn more. 

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