Retail Audit Software for Faster Inspections, Audits & Sales Tracking

Retail audits are getting more challenging for store managers by the day. Traditional retail inspection methods often lead to slow submissions, lost paperwork, errors due to manual entry, and more.

Using ReachOut retail audit software, you can eliminate these painpoints and improve your retail inspections, compliance audits, and product quality investigations. ReachOut also helps you conduct on-shelf availability studies, mystery shopping data collection, and general in-store surveys faster and easier. If you are looking for an advanced tool to manage your entire retail audit with ease, implement ReachOut store audit software now!

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Retail Audit Software for Faster Inspections

“We’ve been very impressed with the end-product. It has exceeded our expectations and was delivered well within the parameters we specified at the outset.”

Muirne Hearney, Coordinate for Research & Justice, Legal Aid of Nebraska

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Picture as a Proof !

ReachOut offers the right solution that infuses a whole new world of accuracy and enhanced possibilities into the retail inspection process. The retail forms are made intelligent with skip logic, drop-down lists, ability to upload photos, make notes and much more. It lets you do quick and easy digital audits of your stores across locations. Moreover, digitizing all your retail inspection checklists can save time and effort.

Mobile Access for audit software

Conduct Audits on Your Retail Audit App

Our mobile app will give you alerts whenever a new retail inspection request is registered. Our retail audit software will let field associates complete their inspections without an internet connection. You can save your work and complete your inspections later. You can take pictures directly from the forms, mark up images with necessary notes or comments and include reference details in it to consult and compare against.

Get Customer Information Anytime Anywhere

Using ReachOut, you can create new service requests, view all customer information and track service history from anywhere you can access the internet. You are no longer tied to your office and you do not need complex excel sheets or paper forms to view customer information. Don’t miss out on any of your clients. We value your business.

Easier Communication with the Field Teams

Our retail audit software allows you to distribute inspections quickly. You can assign, manage and track each of your field associates with ReachOut. The field service associates can enter real-time information straight from the retail store through their smartphones, which eliminate effort duplication and errors, provides transparency and the much-needed real-time intelligence to your team.

Happy Customers with Improved Turnaround Time

Customers will appreciate your flexibility, responsiveness and quick turnaround times while you stay in complete control of your processes with our store audit software. Assign new customer requests based on availability, expertise and reduce the travel time of your field associates. Your associates will get an alert on their mobile app whenever a new retail inspection is assigned to them.

Track Key Performance Metrics

With numerous associates out in the field, it is vital for you to stay in control with total visibility. Our software provides a clear visual interface complete with dashboards and Kanban views to give you clarity on each of your field associates and monitor their progress in real-time. Improve customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency with our easy to use, accurate, robust and on-time data reports of each of your clients.

Key Benefits of ReachOut Store Audit Software

Create Intelligent forms with different question types and skip logic

Track and manage all your store inspections in one place

Document retail audits and download reports easily

No more delayed or missed inspections

Take pictures directly from the forms and add notes and comments to your inspections

Schedule and notify your field associates on the next retail audit

Work offline and sync online later

Avoid paperwork and digitize for easy retrieval of information

ReachOut Suite is an easy to use software for retail inspections that improve efficiency and turnaround times.

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Manage retail inspections, scheduling, dispatch, accounting, and customers with ease using our cloud-based store audit software and companion retail audit app. Experience improved efficiency and reduced turnaround time from today with ReachOut!