Many service providers do not give inspections the attention it deserves. They soon pay the price for it. Sound inspections ensure:

  • The equipment works as desired, within the acceptable parameters, and there is no chance of imminent failure.
  • The work executed by the service team is as per the desired quality and standards.
  • The installation and the enterprise meet compliance and regulatory challenges.
  • Availability of the tools, materials, and labor for repairs or maintenance.

Even a minor delay risks losing the customer in today’s competitive business environment. Speedy and accurate inspections ensure competitive advantage and business success.

But conducting inspections is not easy. Here’s a look into the top challenges in inspections.

Top Inspection Challenges

Field service companies encounter many challenges when conducting inspections.

Often, maintenance providers face unplanned maintenance tasks because of unexpected breakdowns. In such cases, the inspectors have a task to find out the root cause of the issue. Often, identifying issues becomes difficult because the information is not available. At times, providers undertake unscheduled inspections because of situation exigencies. Such contingencies throw schedules, plans, and budgets awry.

Inspections are a cost center. Conducting it cost-effectively requires a huge thrust on efficiency. Proactive field agent time management ensures field operations meet quality and productivity benchmarks.

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How Can Inspection Management Software Streamline Operations

Inspection management software helps field service providers overcome the challenges associated with inspections.

1. Easy scheduling

Scheduling inspections is a tough task. The scheduler has to match the availability and certifications of the inspectors with work orders in order of priority. When assigning field agents for the task, they must consider multiple factors. Some considerations include off days, leaves, working hours, and customer preferences. Even after getting the permutation and combination right, unplanned maintenance throw schedules haywire. Schedulers have to rejig inspection roasters and often start all over again.

Field service managers use inspection maintenance software to organize inspections without difficulty. The suite

  • Allows schedulers to set schedulers and inspectors to view their job assignments way in advance.
  • Automates scheduling and makes sure the nearest qualified field agent gets the job. Inspectors do not waste time crisscrossing the town but rather proceed on a straight route, covering worksites.
  • Manages the workforce to ensure emergency and priority jobs do not disrupt normal operations. Neglecting regular jobs for emergency work may soon create new emergencies. The service provider always remains in fire-fighting mode.

2. Comprehensive and flexible output

Inspections go much beyond ticking boxes after observing the work done. A comprehensive inspection checks

  • If the installation works as expected.
  • The integrity of electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation components associated with the work.
  • The next maintenance date includes routine servicing and refilling consumables such as fuel.
  • Compliance with safety, health, fire, and other regulations applicable to the installation.
  • Completeness of administrative actions such as record-keeping.
  • Availability of signs, signals, and barricades, for safety.
  • Adherence to regulations related to materials handling, storage, and disposal.

Inspection management software allows service providers to cover all these tasks methodologically. Service providers may collate the relevant regulations and mandates into forms and checklists. Field services may design forms or structure questionnaires to route workflows as desired. Inspectors may download the relevant forms and checklists from their field service app. They may also use the app to refer to instruction manuals and regulations for guidance.

3. Complete visibility and control

Good maintenance inspection software gives managers complete visibility into field agent activities. They may identify work progress, compare it with benchmarks, and intervene to settle delay-causing issues. Field agents spend too much time on such tasks at the opportunity cost of servicing more equipment or executing more jobs.

For field inspectors, the mobile app offers

  • Their assigned tasks include customer information, location site, contact personnel, and more.
  • An easy way to communicate with the head office
  • Ability to keep all communications and documents in one place and retrieve it when needed.

4. Ease of conducting inspections

Inspection management software makes conducting inspections easy.

Digital forms enable electronic data collection, improving accuracy. It also enables appending reports with photos, making them much more insightful.

Robust APIs make it easy to access information from other enterprise databases. The software collates information from different databases, offering a single source of truth. The mobile app offers field agents relevant information integrated into a single dashboard. Inspectors may access estimates and other information to undertake powerful and comprehensive inspections.

Service providers may use the maintenance software app to structure forms and questionnaires, and

  • Channel and structure the workflow as desired.
  • Make compliance assessment and scoring easy.
  • Save time on data collection and speed up the process. Inspectors do not have to waste valuable time re-keying information to a database from their field notes.

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Why is ReachOut the Best Inspection Management Software?

There are several inspection management suites in the market. ReachOut is the best choice to streamline operations.

ReachOut Suite simplifies scheduling. With easy calendar views, the clear drag-and-drop interface offers a bird’s eye view of the assigned tasks to field inspectors. Schedulers may assign jobs or make changes fast. They can also view scheduled, ongoing, and overdue tasks to remain in control. They may, for instance, intervene to correct delays or reassign tasks to cater to a top-priority work order.

Field inspectors get an integrated dashboard with a sleek UI. This easy-to-use, secure web interface works on all modern browsers or a dedicated app. The app offers push notifications that update changes and alert upcoming jobs. Inspectors may also check in and out jobs using the apps, thereby automating timesheets.

ReachOut’s forms marketplace offers hundreds of readymade forms and checklists. These forms range from direct yes-no choices to complex options. The options may include logins, multiple sections, photo uploads, etc. Service providers may use these forms as it is or customize them to suit specific requirements. Enterprise users may also upload stylized forms that co-opt branding elements. The forms may even mimic existing pen-and-paper forms. Users have the flexibility to co-opt multiple forms in a single inspection.

Auditors and inspectors can transition from manual to digital mode without a learning curve. Using an Apple Stylus or equivalent pen to make entries does away with the need to type-fill form fields.

A rich reporting engine offers deep insights to managers and makes it easier to conduct follow-up corrective actions.

Easy drill-down options offer comprehensive information in a structured format. Inspectors and managers may drill down to detailed information on issues, areas of non-compliance, and more. A slew of native integrations and APIs ensure a smooth flow of information. Inspectors may even auto-generate invoices and collect payment for the inspection before leaving the client premises.

ReachOut maintenance inspection software is part of an integrated platform that offers end-to-end field service functionality. The icing on the cake is the secure infrastructure, with robust backup, encryption, and security capabilities. Customers retain control over the data.

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