Using ReachOut to improve the profitability of your landscaping business

Running a successful lawn and landscaping business is challenging, especially when it requires effective coordination between multiple aspects such as scheduling, inventory management, operations, marketing, and customer support functions. Success depends upon how effectively you manage all these functions and ensure that your business stays up-to-date without any unwanted delays or lags. 
ReachOut is the #1 efficient field services organizer that automates key functions associated with lawn care, landscaping and equipment maintenance. The FSM offers seamless sync between various disparate functions and enables managers to enforce control over operations, and allows business leaders to make decisions based on real-time information.
Here are the various ways by which ReachOut’s FSM suite improves the profitability of your landscaping business. 

1. Automated Scheduling

Handling the time and complexity associated with scheduling is a major challenge that many of the field service businesses face. Manual scheduling at many locations is an arduous task. A good field service management suite makes the task easy through automation. The system should be capable of automatically assigning the most suitable field service staff (technician) for a specific job. Automatic scheduling of the workforce for each task should be based on factors such as the distance to the worksite, qualification of the staff, task queue lined up for each staff, and the urgency of the job. 
Reach Out’s FSM suite automates the scheduling of recurring tasks. Such automated schedulers offer the ability to complete the tasks on time, sparing major hassles and freeing up your staff for core activities. Admins may edit the team’s calendar with the drag-and-drop functionality. 
The benefits can be realized in two ways:

  • First is the direct savings that a business gains by reducing the cost incurred for hiring manpower and resources required. Manual scheduling is more strenuous and requires ample skills. By deploying automated scheduling, a business can allocate its workforce into core functions such as revenue generation or business improvement planning. 
  • Next is the indirect, but often bigger savings by cutting slack. The optimized schedule allows getting more work done with the finite resources on hand. Field service staff may move from one location to the next with the minimal waiting time. 

Field service executives also benefit from automated scheduling. ReachOut is accessible on mobile with intuitive features that offer easy access to the required information. The system issues prompt notifications and reminders about upcoming work orders. The integrated CRM offers all the details about the client. Such actionable information and clear guidance reduce the stress levels of your workforce, thereby improving productivity and job satisfaction.

2. Smooth Inspections and Work Order Management

A landscaping business has its operations spread out in diverse locations, often very far away from the office. Coordinating the various teams at multiple locations and managing work orders becomes overwhelming. Reach Out’s FSM suite allows you to manage your workforce with ease and improves efficiency manifold. 
ReachOut’s inspection and work order management capabilities offer full visibility. Managers get real-time status of field teams. The notification capabilities generate email and SMS alerts. These alerts help key stakeholders stay updated on upcoming work orders, ETA to client site, generation of the invoice, and more. Prompt notifications keep every stakeholder on the loop and push them to do their bit, at the right time. 
Paper-based inspection systems suffer from various issues. Clerical errors, bad handwriting, or poor readability of work notes lead to misguiding information. ReachOut’s suite comes with skip logic and pre-defined pickup lists. It allows field service techs to upload only the most relevant data, sparing the need for clerical interpretations.

3. Advanced Reporting Capabilities

ReachOut’s advanced reporting capabilities allow field staff to log the time spent. Likewise, logging in activities performed and parts used becomes easy and seamless. The error-free and exact entries improve analytics and invoicing. The system allows field staff to get the customer’s signature and generate instant invoices. The data, stored in the cloud, is accessible anytime, anywhere. The data, linked to the centralized CRM offers live insights and real-time updates.
The ability to generate custom reports saves a ton of paperwork. Intuitive reports allow business managers to make strategic decisions informedly. They can use the reports and insights to promote services in demand and cut back on unprofitable services. By analyzing the performance data of your field staff, you can make timely interventions to improve productivity.
The custom branding for the reports is the icing on the cake, lending an air of professionalism to the business.

4. Efficient Invoicing

In a manual set-up, some invoices invariably fall through the track. Lack of coordination between operations and accounts may lead to the omission of some tasks from invoices. Lack of effective follow up may mean delayed or missed payments.
ReachOut’s automated invoicing capabilities take the burden off from the field crew. Customized invoice generation capabilities allow you to generate invoices at the right time and track the payment. The system issues reminders on non-payment. 
There is an added reason to sign up with ReachOut now. The first three users are free forever. Sign up and get started with ReachOut. 

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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