Field service management (FSM) software has become indispensable for installation service providers. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses need digital software to deliver instant quotes, assign jobs to field agents quickly, track the agents to resolve issues proactively, streamline workflows, and automate back-office tasks. Often, profitability depends on the efficiency gains delivered by the FSM suite.

But blindly installing any random field service software is not a solution. Flashy features or bells-and-whistles do not add value to a field service management suite. Instead, the best FSM software delivers functionality that matches the business’s specific needs. Unfortunately, many companies make these five mistakes when selecting a field management suite.

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1. Not co-opting cloud and mobility

The uncertainties of the post-pandemic necessitate flexibility to adapt to fast-changing situations. Also, today’s customers and workforce prefer to engage digitally and want instant results. Mobility enables field services to operate from anywhere, get things done quickly, and improvise.

FSM suites, accessible through smartphone apps or web browsers, unlock many possibilities.

  • Dynamic routing. The mobile app, integrated with maps, guides the work team through the best routes. Technicians spend more time on their work and less time on unproductive travel.
  • Easy views. The mobile app allows technicians to access work orders, notifications, checklists, and other information. Technicians may also update work details and file reports easily.
  • Real-time tracking. Geolocational capabilities of the smartphone enable real-time monitoring. Managers keep track of work teams and update customers on any delays. Accurate RTAs improve customer satisfaction.
  • Powerful reporting. The app leverages the smartphone’s camera to take photos and videos and co-opt them to reports. The app also auto-generates and dispatches inspection reports on the go. Technicians take the electronic signature as proof of work done.
  • Better collaboration. Mobility enables real-time communication between the field technicians and their managers. Field technicians may also connect with remote experts for help, sparing the need for a revisit.

2. Not looking at integrations

An FSM suite that does not integrate with other enterprise apps and databases stifles productivity. On the other hand, seamless integrations improve efficiency, reduce administrative expenses, and make the business more competitive.

Best-in-class field service management suites offer seamless integrations of enterprise and third-party databases. Native integrations and APIs ensure smooth information flows.

These suites:

  • Pulls information from the CRM to offer technicians information on the customer and work history.
  • Enable configuring outgoing emails using third-party email providers such as Gmail. Dispatching reports, notifications, and invoices become easy.
  • Collects data from the work order, timesheet, and inventory to generate instant invoices.
  • Integrates with payment platforms such as PayPal. Technicians may collect payment from the client before leaving the premises.
  • Updates accounts and payroll.

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3. Not keeping technicians in the loop

The success of any business depends on customer satisfaction. For installation businesses, their field technicians are internal customers. Effective field service management suite focuses on internal customers and makes things easy. An FSM suite that does not make things easy for technicians leads to poor user adoption and consequent failure.

The best field management suite

  • Generates prompt notifications. Field technicians and other stakeholders remain in the loop regarding upcoming jobs or any changes in the schedule.
  • Integrates leave application and processing, shift change requests, and other HR-related matters. Self-service options improve employee satisfaction and cut administrative costs.
  • Offers direct links to instruction manuals, how-to guides, and other reference materials. Technicians may access these resources easily, improving their productivity.

4. Not considering UX

The UX can make or break any software. When technicians are on the move, a good UX is important to use the software easily and get the intended benefits. If technicians spend too much time on the app than doing actual work, they would be better off doing things the old way.

The best field service management suite leverages the power of simplicity. These suites offer:

  • Dedicated apps to each user category, such as field technicians and managers, co-opting only the needed features. Unneeded features make the software complex and the UX convoluted. It decreases user adoption, and employees soon return to their much easier old ways.
  • Integrated dashboards that collate information. Having notifications, to-do lists, reports, and other information from various sources improve productivity. Technicians do not have to waste time seeking information to do their jobs.
  • Ready-to-use forms, checklists, and workflows for operations, reporting, and compliance. These resources guide field technicians through the right course of action.

5. Ignoring the technical side of the software

Many installation service providers focus only on the feature list of their field management suite. A fully laden field service management suite is useless if it hangs or crashes frequently. Furthermore, if the FSM suite has weak security, it may compromise the security of connected enterprise systems.

The best field management suite

  • Has robust infrastructure, including servers and databases with redundant facilities and backups.
  • Takes security seriously, including encryption of data in transit.
  • Allows the business to keep ownership of their data
  • Establish robust authentication protocols.

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Why is ReachOut the best option for installation service companies?

ReachOut field management suite offers the right features and functionality for the installation service business. The cloud-based, device-agnostic FSM suite delivers real-time updates with zero paperwork.

The suite helps installation service businesses schedule jobs without complex spreadsheets. Easy calendar views and intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces make scheduling tasks effortless. Pre-set filters ensure schedules do not clash with holidays. Integrated maps make sure technicians reach their worksite quickly.

Hundreds of readymade forms, through the forms marketplace, streamline workflows and inspections. In addition, stylized forms allow customization and branding.

Integrated views through smartphone apps offer real-time visibility. Managers may supervise all facets of operations through a single, integrated platform. Field technicians get dedicated apps that keep them connected.

Easy reporting and tracking improve operational efficiency. Automated invoicing and payment collection boosts cash flow. The secure infrastructure ensures data security. The business retains ownership of data.

ReachOut enterprise edition makes it even easier to customize and streamline complex activities.

You cannot go wrong by installing the ReachOut field service management suite for your business.

Talk to our experts to learn more about the ReachOut suite and how it can be your perfect business mate.

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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