Windows are an integral feature of all buildings, and all windows need proper maintenance and cleaning many times a year. But a window cleaning company cannot get good business just because window cleaning is indispensable. Obtaining and retaining clients depends on running a well-organized and competitive business. Here are five ways a cleaning management software helps to achieve such ends.

1. Enable Dynamic Estimates and Quotes

The windows cleaning business is very competitive. Success depends on closing the deal fast. Closing the deal quickly depends on responding to the customer’s queries in double-quick time and making it easy to do business.

A cleaning management software enables the customer support team to keep track of every inquiry and conversion. It enables dynamic quotes and estimates. 

Customers may enter variables, such as the number of windows to clean and get real-time estimates. A dynamic quote generator adds pre-set rates for each window, depending on the dates, whether it is an urgent job, and other pre-set considerations. 

ReachOut Suite enables seamless integration of work order management with the quote management system and ensures end-to-end automation. On confirmation of the work order, the scheduling software assigns the job to a cleaning crew. Field agents may access quote details through their smartphone app and make the promised fix. The invoicing system collects the rate and discounts from the quotes, to ensure accurate billing. The entire process, automated through powerful backend algorithms, becomes seamless for the customer.

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2. Optimize Field Agent Scheduling

It is not enough for window cleaning businesses to have a large client base and have orders pouring in. Unless the business can serve its customers well, things soon turn sour.

Success depends on cleaning the maximum windows during the day. Optimal scheduling improves the productivity of the field agents. Thus, the efficiency of the business also improves. Managing schedules using Post-It notes or Excel spreadsheets leads to a mess in no time. It leads to situations such as failing to assign teams to some work orders, forgetting urgent jobs, and more. Mix-ups involving two teams, such as both of them ending up at the same work location, and other such bloopers.

Even without such mishaps, assigning jobs is a headache when using manual tools. Cancellations, assigned field staff taking sick leave, and more are daily occurrences all-too-commonplace. In addition, field staff may want to exchange shifts for personal reasons. Enterprises who schedule manually struggle when such out-of-turn requests or contingencies come in.

Top cleaning scheduling software ensures optimal scheduling. The algorithm matches open work orders with field teams, assigning the nearest field team to clean the client’s windows.

Remembering the times and dates of all upcoming jobs is difficult for anyone. The cleaning scheduling software maintains visible logs and issues alerts on upcoming jobs. Supervisors may track the workload of cleaners. On clicking the cleaner’s name, the assigned jobs for the day, week, or month lists.

ReachOut’s intuitive drag-and-drop calendar makes work assignments and changing work orders easy. Supervisors may fix specific responsibilities for each team member. Prompt notifications keep field agents, customers, and other stakeholders informed of all changes.

3. Ensure Efficient Dispatching and Live Tracking

Assigning cleaners to jobs is only part of the efficiency puzzle. It is essential to dispatch them to the right area with the right tools. The best cleaning management software offers the best route to the work location. The assigned team gets information on the shortest and the best route to the destination. The integrated maps highlight road blockages and heavy traffic. Cleaning crews may take diversions to reach the work location on time, aided by the in-built navigator.

ReachOut field management suite software ensures efficient dispatching.

A GPS-enabled app allows live tracking of the service van. Supervisors may enquire into delays and take immediate action to resolve any issues. Customers may track the ETA of their assigned cleaning van and get the ETA. Business analysts may track historical movements to devise ways that improve productivity.

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4. Streamline Workflows

Smartphone apps integrated with the cleaning management software streamline the workflow.

Field agents may refer to their app for important information, such as work orders and related documentation. They may refer to the knowledge repository for safety checklists, technical information, and more. The fieldworker enters the work premises equipped with the complete information related to the job.

Field agents may download the inspection forms for the job from the app. ReachOut Forms Marketplace offers several forms curated by experts for every function. Businesses may upload custom forms and continue as before. They enjoy the benefits of digitalization without going through a learning curve. An integrated dashboard with neat UX makes it easy to manage workflows and inspections.

5. Ensure Integrated Functional Management

Management of a window cleaning business goes far beyond cleaning windows.

Seamless integration of the cleaning management software with inventory management enables visibility into the stock situation. As a result, cleaning crews may proceed to their worksites equipped with suitable cleaning materials and safety gear.

ReachOut cleaning management ensures free data flow between enterprise systems and centralizes information. When a field crew goes to client premises, they may access the customer database and work order details to get the details of the job upfront. A clear visual interface keeps things simple and well-organized. The suite’s robust asset management functionality automates critical tasks.

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6. Activate Instant Invoicing

Revenue is the lifeblood of any enterprise. Without instant invoicing and prompt collection of payments, the enterprise faces cash flow issues. This, in turn, delays reordering supplies, promotions, and everything else.

ReachOut cleaning management software allows field agents to generate invoices. Agents may also collect payments before they leave. The suite generates the invoice when the agent marks the work as complete. Next, the suite collates customer details from the CRM, rates, and discounts from the work order, and hours worked from the geofencing capabilities of the app. Finally, the field agent emails the invoice to the customer.

The ability to collect e-signatures spares the need for physical contact. E-signatures and digital photographs integrated into the invoice offer a strong proof of work done. Before-and-after window cleaning pictures allow field agents to record proof of work done.

API’s integrate the field service software with payment platforms such as PayPal. The field agent may collect the payment electronically and issue an e-receipts before leaving the premises.

Integration with promising accounting software makes accounting easy and saves a ton of manual work. Accuracy also improves. The spin-off benefits are faster payroll processing.
Cleaning management software such as ReachOut helps window cleaning businesses become efficient. It allows businesses to digitize their operations and enjoy the benefits of automation, ML algorithms, and more. To experience it, talk to our experts today!

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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