Routine cleaning inspections deliver a host of benefits. But many enterprises neglect the important follow-up of cleaning inspections. Here are five benefits of routine cleaning inspections, and why it makes sense to use cleaning management software for the task. 

1. Improved Cleanliness 

Regular cleaning alone is not enough to keep the premises tidy. It takes regular inspections to make sure the cleaning takes place as expected.

The cleaning staff may miss some tasks. Over time, slack may set in, leading to the crew cutting corners. Miscommunication in instructions may cause the crew to do the work the wrong way. An inspection once a week, or even lesser, using a well-curated checklist, resolves such issues. It:

  • Ensures the cleaning takes place at the fixed schedule. Supervisors may monitor the output of the inspections, and intervene to solve issues. Prompt interventions ensure minor problems do not turn into big ones.
  • Triggers any out-of-turn cleaning work if the situation demands. For instance, a major spill might warrant cleaning the carpet out-of-turn or using heavy detergents. The office may need sanitization if any employee or visitor tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Makes explicit the cost-benefit analysis of each cleaning task. If the cleaning agency spends more than they earn from a service, it may be time to redesign the service for efficiency or increase rates.
  • Enables making accurate and traceable verification of the hygiene status of any surface. For instance, if the inspections show that stains linger, the manager may change over to a better-quality detergent. 

ReachOut cleaning inspection management software offers hundreds of customized forms and checklists. But many enterprises are reluctant to go digital fearing disruptive change. With ReachOut, enterprises may also create a replica of their paper forms. They may also continue to fill the form in a pen mode, using Apple Stylus. The enterprise enjoys the best of both worlds. Inspectors may add photos, videos, and notes to any form for better insights. They do not go through the learning curve and the associated productivity loss when transitioning the digital forms. 

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2. Enforce Consistency in Cleaning Standards 

The efficacy of cleaning depends on the baseline standards related to the type of cleaning, frequency, and materials used. Routine cleaning inspections establish such consistent standards. Cleaning management software offers checklists to:

  • Keep track of the frequency of cleaning for different areas and surfaces. For instance, floors need daily mopping, toilets need weekly scrubbing, and air conditioner filters need a clean-up once a month.
  • Sets expectations on cleanliness, and makes cleaning crew accountable. Inspections offer a structured way to communicate to the cleaning crew on what needs doing. It also helps to set expectations on the quality and speed of cleaning procedures.
  • Conduct performance evaluation of cleaning crew. The inspection data provides feedback to the cleaning crew. Unless they know a problem or deficiency exists, they cannot remediate it. The insights provide the basis for performance improvements, including training interventions.

3. Improved Employee and Stakeholder Wellness 

Proper sanitation and hygiene reduce the build-up of dirt, debris, bacteria, fungus, and germs in the workplace. Accumulation of such particles leads to subpar indoor air quality. Workers may become ill. Customers complain, and the business loses its reputation.

Regular cleaning inspections: 

  • Ensure compliance. Poor housekeeping may violate Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules or other regulations. Violations lead to costly fines. Regular cleaning inspections unearth OSHA and other regulatory violations. Managers may make prompt interventions and rectify the situation before an incident occurs.
  • Allow adherence to COVID-19 protocols. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised the awareness of cleanliness and hygiene. It has triggered a need to provide a facility to sanitize or wash hands, and clean contact surfaces, such as doorknobs, multiple times a day. Keeping toilets clean, periodic cleaning of vents, wiping contact surfaces, and more is now more important than ever before. Some of these measures may even be mandatory to keep the workspace or showroom open.

ReachOut’s automated cleaning management software makes it easy to track the cleaning tasks done, and tailor interventions to suit specific circumstances. The integrated ReachOut enterprise field management suite allows managers to create work orders. The suite schedules cleaning staff to jobs automatically. It dispatches the crew to the site through the best routes and remains in control of the entire process. 

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4. Productivity Improvement 

A tidy enterprise indicates a productive office. Clean and well-organized workspaces radiate positive energy. The employees remain motivated to work and focus all their energies on their jobs. Clients prefer to engage with such enterprises. 

Regular cleaning inspections:

  • Make sure everything is in its proper place. This spares employees from searching for things. Their productivity improves, and so do profits.
  • Keeps machines and tools in good shape. Unchecked or neglected equipment gets worn out faster. Minor wear and tear develop into major problems. Regular cleaning inspection captures issues early. This means fewer repairs, and big savings on equipment maintenance.
  • Unearth equipment abuse, improving accountability in equipment maintenance.
  • Ensures a streamlined reporting process that improves the workflow. Managers get accurate and timely data, allowing them to make informed decisions.

ReachOut cleaning management software offers end-to-end digital mode. This eliminates paperwork, improves accuracy, and makes the process fast. It also cuts administrative costs. 

5. Better Optics

Clients value basic efforts such as a clean office, more than they remember marketing pitches. 

  • Regular inspections ensure the premises remain clean at all times, to create a favorable first impression. It takes only seven seconds to make a good impression on visitors who come for the first time. Cleanliness has a very high stake in creating a positive impression..
  • For the cleaning agency, conducting a proper cleaning inspection shows proactiveness. It showcases their respect for the client’s clients and cleaning dollars. 

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ReachOut enterprise field service software makes it easy to conduct routine cleaning inspections. The integrated dashboards, with a simple, neat UX, aggregate all information in one place. Automation speeds up the process, cuts costs, and increases accuracy. Smartphone apps for the cleaning crew and supervisors improve work execution standards. Connect with our experts and learn more about ReachOut Suite today!

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