Why Fire And Safety Companies Need To Download These 5 Apps?

Fire safety is one of the most essential imperatives for occupational and building safety. But companies offering fire safety services need to stay abreast of the trends and regulations, upgrade their equipment to match technology, and manage operations over a wide geographical area. Besides, they have to invest in training and equipping their ever-churning workforce. Here are a few leading apps that fire and safety companies need to subscribe to for enhancing their performance by simplifying their jobs. These apps offer knowledge and insights, automate routine tasks, and simplify complex chores. 
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1. IFP Magazine App

The International Fire Protection Magazine is the leading journal for fire safety and protection. The content in the journal encompasses all aspects of passive and active fire protection. 
The highlight is its editorial features, written by industry experts from across the world. These editorials are a treasure trove of information on

  • Latest equipment and technology
  • Practical tips on regulations and policies
  • Key challenges facing the industry, and
  • Everything else on fire safety.

The experts give a first-hand insight into specific issues and challenges from different regions of the world. For instance, the approach in the hot and underdeveloped Sub-Saharan regions differs from the approaches in downtown Manhattan.
The journal also offers extensive information on product and company profiles and upcoming industry events.
The IFP Magazine App is the official app of the magazine. It brings handy news, tips, editorials, articles and other resources in the journal to one’s fingertips. The app makes the content easily accessible and keeps the information up-to-date. A special highlight is the live news section, with inputs from all over the world.

2. NFPA Journal

The NFPA Journal is another comprehensive resource on the latest information related to fire and safety. Like the IFP magazine app, this journal is also a comprehensive treasure house of the latest news and other relevant information related to firefighting. Opinion columns by experts analyze complex situations and offer practical insights not available elsewhere. A section on compliance offers the latest news and updates related to regulatory compliance. The journal is the place to refer for benchmarking any fire and safety practice.
The NFPA Journal is the magazine of the National Fire Prevention Agency. The app offers the mobile version of the Journal. It allows users access to the features of the magazine, in an easy, user-friendly interface.

3. FireRescue1

The FireRescrue1 app offers live news on fire incidents in the vicinity. It also offers handy fire safety tips, instructional videos, and informative articles. Industry professionals receive live updates on industry trends, hazard warnings, and other news. The advantage of this app is the localized nature of the information.

4. Fire Inspection

The Fire Inspection app is a handy tool to conduct fire inspections. The app offers: 

  • Customizable checklists for fire safety gear, such as fire hydrants and extinguishers. Users can follow instructions to test if the equipment is in working order.
  • Checklist of potential fire hazards, allowing users to take proactive countermeasures.

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The facility for handwritten signature and time stamps allows authenticity. Map view,  GPS, and the ability to export reports in PDF formats are some convenient functionality offered by the app.
The app helps establishments meet local fire safety guidelines and deliver a safe workplace.

5. ReachOut Suite

Businesses with agents or technicians deployed into field services will definitely require a field service app for enhancing their operational efficiency. ReachOut, a field service app, is the leading app in the segment, which caters to the requirements of fire and safety businesses.
ReachOut offers customized apps, with each user segment getting their specific functionality. Customers can place work orders, get status on the progress of each task, and track their field technicians. Field service executives get a list of pending tasks, directions to reach a client, details of assigned work, facility to generate a report, print customized reports, and do much more. Managers can use ReachOut’s app to keep track of inventory, agent movement, and generate handy reports. 
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An intuitive UI and top-grade UX is consistent across user segments.
The robust back-end automation performs most routine works, freeing up technician time. An FSM like ReachOut takes care of shift scheduling, assigning the nearest and most competent technician to the job, invoicing, report generation, and analytics.
All these apps are available on Android and iPhone apps. Subscribing to these apps contributes to the professionalism of your fire and safety company in a big way. The investment for these apps returns quickly through cost savings, productivity improvements, enhanced customer satisfaction, and better statutory compliance. Contact us to know more about how ReachOut can streamline your fire inspection and safety management business. 

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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