The pest control business is evergreen, but also challenging. Cut-throat competition makes acquiring and retaining customers difficult. By improving internal efficiencies, the business can pass on some of the benefits to customers in the form of lower rates. They can compete on rates without cutting corners or compromising the quality of services. Here’s how deploying ReachOut’s Pest Control Management Software can help your business save time, money, and improve work efficiency!

1. Automated Scheduling and Dispatching

The success of the pest control business depends on fast response times. Many customers call pest control for emergency service. Any delay may increase the nuisance of the pests or even become dangerous for the occupants of the building. Business success depends on satisfied customers who return and refer the business to others.

ReachOut pest control software enables a speedy response to pest control requests.

  • A drag and drop scheduler allows assigning the nearest pest control van to the client, easily. The system pulls in data from a skills depository that records the competencies of each agent. If the nearest available agent does not have the competencies or the equipment to do the treatment, the system moves on to the next available agent. Advanced work order capabilities allow adding multiple agents to a job.
  • An integrated calendar helps agents and supervisors keep track of their upcoming jobs. Supervisors and managers get integrated visibility into a field agent’s schedule. Rescheduling jobs becomes easy and fast, as the situation demands. The smartphone apps offer offline access and alerts on upcoming jobs.

The suite assigns the work order to the agents best positioned to do the job. Next, it guides them through the fastest and the most cost-effective route. Effective route management makes explicit the best route to a destination, saving the business time and money. In pest control, changes in the set schedule are commonplace. Proactive route management makes it easy to re-plan routes as needed.

ReachOut’s dynamic scheduling and dispatching capabilities ensure fast execution of work orders. Pest control agents spend less time on the road and more time on client premises.

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2. Streamlined Operations

Without proper workflows or well-honed procedures in place, day-to-day operations often end up in chaos and confusion. Ad-hocism rules the day, and inefficiencies set in.

ReachOut pest control software streamlines operations and brings in end-to-end efficiency.

Real-time tracking, through geolocation capabilities, reveals the location of each agent. An integrated dashboard summarizes all open work orders and the status of each job. Managers may check slack, hold-ups, and other issues, and make timely interventions. They may also give special attention to high-priority and high-value jobs.

At times, field agents get held up for want of information. ReachOut co-opts APIs to collect data from other enterprise systems, such as work order management software and CRM. Pest control agents get relevant data on the customer and the work premises. They enter the work site equipped with complete information. For instance, access to the service history makes them aware of the type of pests they will encounter. They may also access knowledge depositories for technical information.

A robust asset management system centralizes asset management and automates the process. A checklist ensures pest control agents go to the job with the right chemicals and the right tools to do the job. The automated system helps to track low inventory and make regular reorders. It does away with delays owing to a lack of chemicals or waiting to trace the right tools.

Automated logs and record-keeping eliminate time-consuming and error-prone paperwork. Prompt, automatic transmission of data to the back office eliminates double entries. Secure cloud storage enables anytime, anywhere access to the data.

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3. Effective Inspection Management:

A thorough inspection determines the type and nature of pests inflicting a place, and the treatment needed. Post-treatment inspections ensure a thorough job, with no loose ends.

ReachOut’s inspection management feature offers a clear visual interface that helps inspectors remain organized, and do the right thing.

Stylized digital forms make it easy for inspectors to collect data effortlessly. The enterprise may digitize their custom forms and use Apple Stylus to make entries. They may do their work as before, while still enjoying the advantages of digitization. They may also download any of the hundreds of customized forms available in the Forms Marketplace, to save on time and design. There is also the drag and drop feature, to create custom forms. Either way, work becomes fast. Inspectors do not have to go through the learning curve disruption associated with digital adoption.

Custom reporting capabilities further boost speed and improve efficiency. Inspectors may send the data to customers, managers, regulators, or any other stakeholders, in the desired format. They may attach images and videos to forms effortlessly as well.

Inspectors and field agents may also create work orders quickly, based on the assessment of the premises. They may also modify an existing work order if, for instance, they find a new type of pest, not covered in the original work order. Such flexibility speeds up work execution and eliminates the bureaucracy of going through loops.

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4. Streamlined Billing and Accounting

When businesses do not show the same vigor to collect payments that they show to execute the work, they end up with cash flow issues.

ReachOut pest control software automates invoicing and speeds up accounting.

The agent checks in when starting the work and checks out when work ends, using their smartphone apps. The smartphone’s geolocation capabilities verify the time spent by the agent at client premises. APIs pull in data such as rates and discounts, from the CRM and work order. The suite auto-generates invoices. Integration with payment platforms such as PayPal makes payment collection easy and instant. The agent may collect the payment before leaving the premises.

The system transfers invoice and payment details to the accounting portal automatically, speeding up accounting and payroll. The entire process becomes accurate and hassle-free. The enterprise saves on the cost of deploying human staff to do these back-office processes.

Opportunities abound in the pest control market. The market will be worth $28 billion globally by 2025. ReachOut offers an integrated, cloud-based, device-agnostic field service suite that offers the best resources for streamlining and strengthening your business. Sign Up with us today or contact our experts now to know more about how ReachOut can add to your business value!

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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