Field service software has become indispensable for fire service operators.

Industry 4.0, with its interconnected systems, makes digitization inevitable. Post-COVID, the world is accelerating towards a digital-first economy. Customers prefer to engage with businesses with digital modes of engagement. Talented employees also prefer working with companies that offer digital systems to make work easier.

Competitive pressures force enterprises to strive for efficiency improvements and cost reduction. Digital systems take care of the routine non-value-adding tasks, allowing the workforce to focus on core tasks. Automating routine tasks also reduces costs and speeds up the workflow, adding to the competitiveness of the business.

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Why Should Fire and Safety Operators Implement FSM Software

Having field service software delivers the following benefits to fire and safety operators:

1. Improved scheduling

Field service management software automates scheduling. Manual components in scheduling increase the chances of errors. The task involves reconciling too many dynamic variables. Gaffes such as a work order remaining unassigned because of oversight or because the assigned field agent calls in sick are commonplace. The algorithm considers variables such as the working hours, the agent’s shift timings, other works assigned to the agent, the customer’s preferred time, the skill levels of the field agent, and other relevant considerations. It makes automated changes when circumstances force changes to the set schedule. For instance, a field agent may call in sick, or a customer may request a rescheduled slot. In fire services, emergency jobs that need immediate attention are also commonplace.

2. Speedy dispatch

Field service is cost intensive. Profitability depends on being hyper-efficient. The field service suite helps field agents reach their work site faster and service more clients during their shifts. Integration with maps guides field agents through the best routes, factoring in road conditions and traffic.

3. On-time service delivery

The best FSM software leverages the GPS of the field agent’s smartphone and enables real-time tracking. Managers and customers get insights into the live location of the field agent. Customers get assurance that help is on the way. Managers track progress with benchmarks and intervene to set right any lags.

4. Streamlined workflows

The end-to-end visibility offered by the FSM suite allows managers greater control over operations. They can use structured forms and checklists to ensure the field agents follow the laid-down procedure. Audits and inspections also become easy. Field agents may download the relevant forms from the FSM suite and collect inspection data electronically.

5. Real-time invoicing

FSM suites automate invoicing and associated back-office tasks. On work completion, field agents may generate invoices. The suite collates data from work orders, CRM, timesheets, and other databases, to auto-generate invoices. Integrated payment collection portals allow field agents to collect the payment. The accounts, CRM, and payroll databases are updated automatically, saving the enterprise’s clerical work.

Not all field service software offers these benefits, though. Different vendors offer different products with varying levels of differentiation. Among the options available, ReachOut is the perfect fit for fire and safety service providers.

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Why ReachOut Suite?

ReachOut Suite is a comprehensive suite that covers all aspects of fire service management. It takes care of everything from ticketing to billing, work order management, automated workflows, and more. The suite automates and digitizes the entire field service process. It co-opts all the basic features and functionalities of an FSM suite and several advanced functionalities. The robust back-end infrastructure ensures high safety and reliability.

1. Streamlined ticketing

ReachOut’s inbuilt ticket management system streamlines the work process. The system creates a ticket when customers enquire, or field agents raise a job. The ticket progresses to scheduling, dispatching, work execution, inspection, and invoicing. There is greater end-to-end control and accountability while work progresses faster than normal.

2. Dynamic scheduling and dispatching 

ReachOut’s dynamic scheduling and dispatching capabilities give a fillip to the process. Schedulers get intuitive features, such as assigning responsibilities to members within a team. Calendar views give a comprehensive bird’s-eye insight into the field agent’s upcoming jobs. Schedulers may view the team workload for any duration and make changes there.

3. Controlled operations

ReachOut enables easy communication between the office and work crews. The central customer data repository offers a single source of truth and prevents confusion. Easy pipeline views make it easy for managers to track jobs and field agents. The companion mobile app for field agents offers quick access to order information. Intuitive dashboards make explicit upcoming jobs. Clear color codes and visual indicators denote the urgency of jobs. Push notifications alert them to the changes. They may track time, scan barcodes, mark work completion, and do more, saving valuable time. The app allows offline work, with sync when getting an Internet connection.

4. Dynamic digital forms

ReachOut’s digital forms eliminate the pain of paperwork. Users may capture digital data using a tablet or smartphone, including images and the customer’s electronic signature. Electronic data gathering speeds up data collection and reduces errors. Reports become more potent and insightful. The confusion because of illegible handwriting, mistakes in data entry, or field agents forgetting to jot down information gets eliminated. Most enterprises underestimate the effects of such omissions.

ReachOut forms marketplace offers hundreds of ready-made forms suitable for all situations. The in-built form builder creates customized smart forms that enable effortless data gathering. Service providers can also upload stylized forms. These stylized forms, tailored to suit unique workflows, can have branding elements. Field agents can transition to digital mode effortlessly, without disruption.

5. Easy integrations

Native integration capabilities and APIs make data transfers among other applications seamless. The smooth and real-time data flow facilitates automated invoices. Integration with third-party payment collection portals allows field agents to collect payments. Native integration with QuickBooks Online and Xero accounting platforms streamlines accounting. The enterprise plan offers additional external integrations.

APIs link the FSM suite to CRMs and knowledge depositories. Field agents may refer to customer information, service history, and product manuals. Such insights allow them to deliver high-quality output and complete their work faster.

Fire and safety service providers using ReachOut get freedom from operational hassles. The advanced functionality and superior insights make the business competitive and customer-focused.

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