Fire prevention and security alarm service providers are always busy. Fire safety installation is a mandatory requirement for most buildings. Fire fighting equipment and security alarms are life-saving devices, and their use is always in an emergency. These equipment needs regular servicing to be in prime working condition. For instance, refilling fire extinguishers and servicing other equipment is regular, repeat work.

The fire safety business is also competitive. Only service providers who organize their operations efficiently can make sizable profits. Competitive advantage comes from streamlined processes and easy scale-up. Field service management (FSM) software is indispensable for such ends. 

Here are four ways FSM software adds value to a fire safety business.

1. Streamlined scheduling and dispatching

FSM software enables easy and fast execution of installation and maintenance tasks.

Good FSM software helps the service provider track their customer’s service requirements. The suite converts customer requests into tickets and auto-generates quotes. The system converts approved quotes into work orders. The scheduler assigns a technician or work crew for the work order.

Scheduling field service jobs is a complex exercise. The scheduler must match technicians with work orders and ensure equitable work distribution. The scheduler has to consider:

  • The technician’s skills, competencies, and experience in handling the specific jobs.
  • The urgency of the work. For instance, any delay in annual maintenance may have serious implications if a fire breaks out in the interim.
  • Availability of new equipment, spare parts, and consumables. If these items are in shortage, the scheduler sets aside the work order and notifies the customer of the delay.
  • The preferred time slots for the customer.
  • The technician’s working hours and holidays.

Amidst such considerations, technicians may call in sick, or the customers may call in and request another slot. Rescheduling is complex and affects other jobs. It breaks down the painstakingly generated permutation and combination.

FSM software automates scheduling and handles such requests with ease. Intelligent algorithms match technicians with work orders. The algorithm considers the skill-set match, distance from the worksite, and other pre-set considerations. The software plots the job assignments so that the technicians move from one job to the next without backtracking. The technician spends maximum time doing installations and maintenance and the least time on the road. Key metrics, such as technician productivity and asset utilization ratio, improve.

Streamlined dispatching further improves efficiency. The suite integrates with maps to guide the technician through the best routes.

Top FSM suites such as ReachOut offer the latest features to streamline scheduling and dispatching. Easy calendar views make technicians’ workload and work assignments explicit. Intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces make work assignments easy.

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2. Smooth installation processes

FSM software streamlines the fire safety equipment and alarm installation process. The suite comes with pre-built forms and checklists that guide technicians and inspectors. For instance, a point-by-point installation sheet guides the technician on the different steps to follow when installing a fire alarm. The technician may leverage the smartphone camera to take images of completed work. They may also collect electronic signatures as proof of work completion. 

The FSM software also handles complex inspections and audits to check the installation. Electronic checklists make audits easy. The portal collects audit time data automatically. The inspector takes photos, annotates them, and co-opts them into reports. 

Digitized systems speed up the workflow and deliver rich savings in paperwork. ReachOut’s forms marketplace contains thousands of ready-to-use forms, checklists, and questionnaires that suit virtually all purposes. These customizable forms have white-labeling options. The stylized forms option enables easy migration of paper forms to digital mode and carrying on as before.

3. Real-time tracking through smartphone GPS

Best-in-breed field FSM software enables real-time tracking of field technicians and work status. The mobility app leverages the smartphone’s GPS and makes explicit the location of the field technician. Real-time tracking helps in:

  • Time management. Managers may monitor travel times and track work progress. They may evaluate how much time a technician spends at any location and compare technician movement to the daily schedule.
  • Automated timesheets. Timesheets are critical for streamlining workflows, invoicing, and payroll. The real-time tracking enabled by FSM software automates timesheets. Automated timesheets improve accuracy and do away with non-value-adding clerical processes.
  • Easy schedule changes. Fire prevention alarm systems sometimes throw up emergencies. A fire alarm may go off accidentally. A fire extinguisher not replenished is a big safety risk. Even without an emergency, a premium, a high-paying customer may require instant service. In an emergency, the manager may refer to real-time locations of field agents and rush the nearest technician to the site.
  • Prompt updates to the customer. Real-time tracking gives customers accurate ETA, enabling them to wait for the technician at the right time. Customer inconvenience and delays get eliminated.

ReachOut allows end-to-end job traceability and complete visibility into work processes.

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4. Remaining connected through mobility

The best field service software integrates mobility. The suite works offline and syncs when online. Empowering field technicians with smartphone apps enables:

  • Real-time, automated invoicing. Technicians may mark the work as complete. The back-end system collates work orders, CRM, timesheets, and inventory information. Integration with the email client dispatches the auto-generated invoice to the customer’s email. The technician may again use the smartphone app to accept the payment.
  • Easy access to knowledge depositories. Technicians may access instruction manuals and reference guides through the app.
  • Access to integrated information. The technician’s smartphone comes with dashboards that centralize information. Technicians may use the dashboard to access all the information they need. They may refer to the work order, get directions to their next work site, browse the customer details and service history, or download instruction manuals and checklists. Intuitive UX makes access easy.
  • Improved collaboration. When field technicians collaborate through smartphone apps, communication becomes more reliable. It is easier to locate and reply to a dedicated communication channel centralized in one place. Important messages do not get lost. The app’s push notification reminds the technician about upcoming jobs and changes in schedule.

ReachOut offers robust mobility options with reliable back-ends. The strong security features, convenient single sign-in option, and advanced data security features deliver excellent value for money. The ability to customize modules to fit existing workflows makes the suite ideal for any business.

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