Productivity and efficiency generate profits in today’s cutthroat business environment. A scheduling and dispatching software can automate critical field service tasks and optimize field operations for better performance. The suite matches the right agent for the job and ensures work execution in the quickest possible time. Here’s a look at how scheduling & dispatching software can boost productivity for your service business.

1. Intelligent Scheduling

Productivity depends on a high first-time fix ratio. The first-time fix depends on sending the right technician or agent, with the right tools, to do the job.

ReachOut field service scheduling software comes with intelligent scheduling software capabilities. A skills depository records the certifications and other competencies of field agents. The algorithm matches the competencies required to execute the work with agent credentials. Next, it identifies the nearest eligible agents available to do the task. The algorithm considers several factors, such as:

  • If the field agent has pending jobs that might cause delays.
  • If the agent is on a long shift, which may lead to overtime.
  • If the agent has a scheduled off or has applied for leave.
  • If the customer has a list of preferred service agent
  • If the technician has serviced the same or similar equipment earlier.

Performing scheduling tasks manually, or even with Excel sheets, is a herculean and stressful task. More so since the situation changes fast. Field agents call in sick. Customers cancel or change their orders. One change has a spillover effect on other jobs and field agents.

When a field agent calls in sick, a scheduler has to find a substitute and reschedule the downstream appointments. Customer experience and employee satisfaction go for a toss in such situations. The algorithm executes these complex changes error-free, instantly. Push notifications keep everyone in the loop. The business becomes agile to handle emergency repairs and process last minutes changes. It also becomes resilient to undertake multiple jobs simultaneously, without sweat.

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2. Plotting the Best Routes

The dispatching software optimizes the route for the agent to reach the worksite. The shortest route to the work site need not always be the best route. Traffic jams and or huge tolls may make the route unattractive or unviable. An automated field service software plots the best route. The best route depends on the time of the day, traffic density, and other relevant factors.

ReachOut’s automated field service scheduling software ensures optimal dispatching. Field agents spend the least possible time on the road, and more time servicing equipment. Their productivity ratios increase, time-to-execution decreases, and customer satisfaction increases. There is a positive air of all-around efficiency.

APIs pull in data from other enterprise systems. The field agent may access the CRM to understand customer preferences and service history. They may sync with the inventory suite to ensure the availability of spares, before starting.

3. Flexibility

One size rarely fits all in today’s fragmented marketplace. A dispatching and scheduling software caters to the increasing demands of customization. For instance, an air conditioner outdoor unit at an inaccessible place might need an extra-long ladder. The software logs such special characteristics and assigns the work order to a competent agent. The dispatcher ensures the technician leaves with the tools and spares needed to cater to the customization.

When the season gets busy, the management of personnel and resources becomes a continuous activity. Automated dispatch management becomes indispensable to handle the diverse requirements. The organized system makes processing work orders easy, regardless of the workload.

ReachOut field service scheduling software enables field agents to change the work orders on the spot. The situation on the ground differs from the work order specifications. The customer may make extra requests. Or the equipment may need extra service than expected. For instance, a routine air-conditioner service may reveal a faulty fan. Going through the hoops of generating a new work order and a revisit is inconvenient and inefficient. Rather, the field agents change the work order. The integrated system updates the finance, inventory, CRM, and other databases effortlessly.

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4. Streamlined Operations

ReachOut field service scheduling software streamlines operations. The suite integrates other field service functions such as inspections and invoicing. Everything gets done through integrated software, with the smooth transfer of data. Simple and intuitive dashboards offer stakeholders access to all the information they need, in an easy to consume format. Supervisors, field agents, and other stakeholders get custom apps, with custom UX and dashboards.

The easy and improved insights enable supervisors and managers to coordinate field service operations easily. For instance, they may track the truck assigned to a specific cargo, and trace its progress across hubs and cities.

The strong collaboration component in-built to the scheduling software further streamlines operations. The schedulers and dispatchers no longer have to contact individuals manually. Real-time updates, notifications on changes, new job alerts, and other prompt communications remove confusion.

Tracking logs improve transparency, and make it easy to fix issues such as delays, missed appointments, and client complaints. Remote time stamps, workflow tracking, and resource tracking make audit and invoicing easy. It also makes explicit trends. Businesses may use such insights to fix chinks in the armor, schedule trips optimally to reduce idling time, and take other productivity-enhancing measures. The increased efficiency results in lower costs per operation and enhanced revenues.

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5. Real-Time Tracking

Field service scheduling software offers the spin-off benefits of real-time tracking. ReachOut suite comes with GPS-based tracking capabilities, activated through field agents and other stakeholder smartphones. These tracking options enable:

  • Supervisors and managers to have better oversight of operators and field agent activity. They may intervene proactively, to nip issues in the bud. 
  • Customers can track the location of their agent and get an accurate ETA. Assured customers do not call customer support for clarifications and updates.

As competition intensifies and efficiency becomes more important than ever before, field service enterprises will find the going increasingly tough without the right scheduling and dispatching software. With ReachOut field service scheduling software, you can free up your team’s time in organizing schedules, tracking vehicles, optimizing routes, and communicating with field agents. The suite makes the enterprise hyper-productive. Contact our experts today to know more about ReachOut or just Sign Up for a free trial!

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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