A fire protection business is always in demand, as safeguarding property from fire or other risks never runs out of fashion. But the field is also very competitive. Only well-organized and managed enterprises succeed.

Field service management software is indispensable to control operations and gain a competitive advantage. Here is how ReachOut Suite is the best option.

1. Streamlined Operations

A fire protection business has several streams of activity. The nature of work includes fire risk assessments, installation and maintenance of fire and safety equipment, fire safety training, and so on.

The best software orchestrates these activities seamlessly. Look for a field service management software that streamlines quotes, scheduling, and dispatching, for all these activities. 

ReachOut fits the bill perfectly!

When a client makes inquiries, the quote management system collects the required information. The suite collates it with pre-set rates and estimates and generates a quote. Dynamic quote generation changes the quote instantly, on changing the variable. The client may try various service options and fix a package that suits their requirements and budget.

On confirmation of a work order, ReachOut’s scheduler assigns the best technician to the work. A skills repository maintains the skill-sets of the technicians on the rolls. This helps to match the job with the technicians having the relevant skills or certification. The scheduler may also consider other factors, such as.

  • Open job orders with the technician
  • Scheduled leave or off-days
  • Whether the technician is on overtime,
  • Business closure dates, and so on.

ReachOut ensures work execution in the fastest possible time, with the best technician.

The dispatcher makes sure the field technician reaches the worksite through the best feasible route. The shortest route need not always be the fastest route. Traffic, roadblocks, tools, and other obstacles may make a longer route better or more reliable. The software collates GPS data and guides the technician through the best route. On-time rates and technician productivity improve manifold.

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2. Efficient Operations

Any commercial software makes sense only if returns exceed the cost. For fire protection businesses, look for field service management software that speeds up work execution and lowers the cost of doing business. 

The best field service management software ensures efficient operations, with no glitches. Field agents may service more customers within their shift window, improving operational metrics. Faster time to work execution also boosts customer satisfaction

ReachOut field service management software offers:

  • Advanced work order capabilities. Managers may add multiple field agents to a job and configure individual tasks as per situational needs.
  • Real-time GPS tracking, enabling supervisors to keep a close watch on operations. They may intervene to resolve any glitches.
  • Streamlined data recording and data collecting on the job. Field agents do not have to waste time filing reports or getting confirmations.
  • Reliable data. API collates data from the CRM and other enterprise software. Field technicians reach their worksite with full situational awareness. They have the service history, client preferences, special requests, and other details on hand. Customer service reps likewise get full views and answer questions with confidence.
  • Configuring outgoing business email addresses with third-party email providers, including Gmail. Business emails, including work reports and surveys, get a professional touch.
  • Productivity boosting tools. A neat and clean UX, making things easy for busy field agents, supervisors, and other stakeholders. Dedicated apps allow field agents to focus on only those things that matter to them. Push notifications and reminders ensure the timely completion of tasks. 

3. Sync with Inventory

A fire protection system involves the installation, inspection, and maintenance of comprehensive security systems, alarm panels, smoke alarms, fire doors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, kitchen hoods, and other installations.

The best field service management software syncs with the inventory management system. It ensures the availability of equipment and spares to do the job. Any delay in refills and other equipment compromises safety in a big way and has huge implications.

ReachOut offers effective sync with the inventory management software. APIs ensure the free flow of data between the ReachOut Suite and inventory management system.

  • The dispatcher may ensure adequate spares before dispatching a service technician.
  • The inventory controller may reorder spares looking at the work orders in the pipeline.

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4. Audits and Inspections

Regular audits of fire safety installations ensure equipment works when needed. Imagine a situation where the company spends on state-of-the-art fire fighting systems, but the extinguisher does not work when there is a fire!

But inspections and audits are cost centers. Enterprises remain reluctant to spend money on anything that does not add value to the bottom line.

The best field service management software allows comprehensive audits and inspections. It simplifies and streamlines the process.

ReachOut field service management software makes inspections easy, fast, and cost-efficient.

  • A host of customs forms, curated by experts with several years of experience in the industry, cater to any audit or inspection. These include structured checklists, questionnaires, and other relevant modules. The forms have built-in access to fire codes and other relevant information. Field agents may download the relevant forms from the ReachOut forms marketplace.
  • Stylized forms enable field agents to digitize their pen and paper forms as it is, with no changes. They do not have to go through the learning curve and loss of productivity is usually associated with new digital initiatives.
  • Smartphone apps enable inspectors to conduct contact-less inspections and take digital signatures. Electronic completion and submission, with relevant database, calls to auto-populate entries, improve accuracy and productivity. They may dispatch the forms to managers, compliance authorities, and other stakeholders instantly. The 100% paperless mode of operations reduces cost and improves efficiency.
  • Intelligent reporting capabilities allow managers to auto-generate reports in the desired format. Dispatch the reports to regulatory authorities in the desired format, mode, and frequency. ReachOut helps to automate this painstaking activity.

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5. Invoicing and Accounts

No business survives without smooth cash flow. Chasing quotes and payments prevent the team from completing jobs.

Look for the best field service management suite that co-opts invoicing and payment collection capabilities. The best suite also automates related back-office tasks, to deliver cost and efficiency advantages.

ReachOut field service management software gets these jobs done well.

  • GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities automate time logs. There is also the provision to track time and scan barcodes, and receive ongoing project updates. Calculating the time spent by technicians at a worksite becomes automatic and accurate.
  • API integrators pull in rates promised to the client from the work order management system. It also applies the applicable discounts automatically and auto-generates the invoice.
  • Integration with PayPal and other payment platforms allows the field technician to collect the payment from the client, in contactless mode, before leaving the premises.
  • APIs take invoicing and payment data to the accounting suite. Payroll and general accounting become easy. The accounting team does not have to go through the hassles of collecting data from various sources. Basic processes become automated and instantaneous.

ReachOut leverages the power of simplicity. It removes administrative clutter, streamlines field operations, and keeps managers in control of the end-to-end process. The suite offers the best value for money and is a powerful arsenal to drive competitive advantage. Sign Up with ReachOut today or connect with our experts now!

Digitize your field service operations from scheduling to invoicing with ReachOut. Connect your technicians with the companion mobile app to execute jobs and reduce paperwork in the field. Try ReachOut now and give your customers the fast and quality service they deserve.

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