Accessing Time Logs

The Time Logs feature in ReachOut gives you the ability to track and record time entries of field agents engaged in various service tasks and activities. All the time entries made by field agents on-site while performing tasks are recorded in the Time Logs. 

Using Time Logs, you can analyze:

  • Time entries for specific periods – Day, Week Month, & Year
  • Work time spent on each customer
  • Travel time to customer location
  • Total time spent on each job

To start,

  1. Navigate to Reports > Time Logs 
  1. Select a time period to generate time logs – Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, etc. This will show all the time entries linked to activities done by field agents during that selected period in a tabulated form. 
  1. Click the hamburger icon on the right corner of the table to filter the report to show/hide the fields and rearrange the columns as you see fit. 
  1. Click Export to download the report into your device. Save the report in an Excel or HTML format that you can open and modify using its default application. 
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