Purchasing Forms from the Marketplace

ReachOut has a library of free and paid generic forms that you can purchase with a few clicks. Field agents can use these forms to perform data gathering for a wide range of industries.

To buy a free form:

  1. Go to the Forms Marketplace. Open any of the free templated forms that you want to use. You can search the form based on category.
  2. Click Buy on the top right. Select the modules where you want to use the form. Click Save.

To buy a paid form:

  1. Open your desired paid form from the marketplace. 

  1. Click Buy. 
    • Confirm the payment details and your saved debit/credit card.
    • Select Choose another way to pay to use another card for payment. 
    • Once done, click Confirm Payment

You can access the purchased forms by navigating to Jobs > Forms. 

If you face any issues while purchasing forms from the marketplace, do get in touch with our support team here.

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