Creation of Invoice

You can create and send invoices directly from your ReachOut web application and the mobile app. An invoice itemizes and records details regarding the goods and services that you offer to the customer, such as the agreed cost, quantity, and taxes. 

Adding Invoice from the Web 

To add an invoice from the web application, navigate to – 

Main Menu > CRM > Invoices and click on + Invoice 

  1. Add customer details.
    • Click Customers and select an existing contact from the drop-down menu or create a new one by clicking + Create New Customer.
  1. Select an invoice source. This can be pulled from either a Work Order or Inspection.
    • Choose from the job associated with the customer or search for the source in the text field. 
  1. Set the invoice Due Date. Select a Due Date for your customer to pay the invoice from the calendar. 
  1. Add items to the invoice.
    • Click the Item Type drop-down and select from the list
    • Enter the item details – Name, Description, Quantity, Unit Price, and Tax
    • Add more invoice items by clicking on + Add
    • Click +Add Tax to attach extra taxes incurred
    • Enter any discount by clicking + Add Discount 
    • Include any notes to appear on the bottom of the invoice using + Add Notes 
  1. Select Preview to  and verify the invoice before sending it. Once done, click Generate Invoice

You can view the generated invoice and download it from the invoices home.

Adding Invoice from Mobile

To add an invoice from the mobile app, navigate to the Inspection/Work Order that the field agent is executing from the app.

  1. In Job Details, tap on Create Invoice under the Agent Checklist section. 
  1. Tap the + icon at the top right. 
  1. Add the invoice items and select ADD

If the work order or inspection is set up from the web, where the field agent is being tasked with creating an invoice, the app would require the agent to create an invoice on-site and even get the customer’s signature after approval, if need be. 

All subsequent stages of invoice processing are in the control of the job supervisor or admin.

The invoice created by the field agent is not sent to the customer just yet. The supervisor (from the web application) can view and share the invoice after reviewing to be emailed to the customer.

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