Managing Service Requests and Leads

Account Admins can accept the service requests, convert the lead to a customer and convert the request to a Work Order/Inspection.

Accepting/Rejecting the service requests

All the requests submitted by the customers will be listed on the Hub Requests page (CRM > Hub Requests) of the ReachOut Web App.

  1. Account Admin can view the Leads/Customer name, Lead ID, Service Request details, Service Location, Status, Requested Date, and Preferred Date.
  2. The Account Manager/Account Admin can click on the three dots in the Action column to accept, resolve, or reject the requests.

NOTE: A notification email will be sent to the customer while accepting/rejecting the service requests.

  1. The accepted requests can be converted to a Work Order/Inspection/Quote.
  2. If the Account Admin wants to reject the request, they need to mention the reason for request rejection in the pop-up.
  1. A notification email will be sent to the customer mentioning the Service Category, Request Date, Request ID, and Reason for Rejection.


The “Leads” are displayed in the Hub Leads page under the CRM menu to identify prospective customers. This helps you to prioritize your time and resources to convert leads into customers. Lead labels can be viewed from the Hub Requests and the Hub Leads pages.

Note: If the email address in the service request form does not exist in the ReachOut Application, the service request will be considered as a Lead.

You can view the lead name, lead ID, address, total service requests, email id, and phone number.

NOTE: An email will be sent to the lead’s email address. They can click on the Login button to enter the Customer Hub.

Converting Leads to Customers

  1. Click on the three dots button in the Action column in the Leads listing page and select the ‘Convert as Customer’ option to convert the lead into a customer.
    • In the ‘Convert to Customer’ pop-up, the basic details, primary contact and primary address will be pre-filled. They can edit the details, if required. Click on the Save button.
    • The leads saved will be displayed in the Customers page.
  1. In the Hub Requests page, Account Admin accepts the lead and converts it to Work Order/Inspection.
  • The ‘Convert to Customer’ pop-up appears, where the Account Admin can edit the basic details, primary contact person or primary address. Click the Save & Proceed button to convert the lead to a customer.
  • The lead will be displayed in the Customers page.
  • Click on the Hub Requests page, click on the lead/customer, on the three dots, and on the Convert to Work Order/Inspection/Quote.


The requests converted to quotes will be displayed in the Quotes page of the ReachOut Admin module. Click on the three dots in the Actions column to download the quote.

Work Order/Inspection

The requests which get converted to Work Orders/Inspections by the Account Admin will be displayed in the Jobs tab of the Customer Hub.

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