Account Management

You can add the payment details and manage the billing from your ReachOut account.  

Upgrading the Plan

For this, navigate to Settings > Account

  1. Click on Upgrade Now button.
  2. Add user count and card details.
  • Choose the required number of users.

  • You can choose a card from the existing cards.
  • If you need to add a new card, select ‘Choose another way to pay’ option and enter card details – cardholder name, card number, expiry date, & CVV.
  • Add coupon code by checking off I have a coupon code.
  • Click Make Payment.

Updating Payment Details & Managing Billing

To view plan details and update payment information,

  1. Open the Billing & Payment tab.
  2. Review details of your subscribed plan – User Count, Expected Monthly Billing, Payment Overdue, and Next Expected Bill.
  3. Update card details
    • Click Update Info.
    • Select Choose another way to pay.
    • Enter Card Number and Expiration Date.
    • Click Update.

  4. You can view all the transactions you made under Transaction History.
  5. Use the download icon to save the transaction invoice as a pdf onto your device.
  6. To delete your account, click Delete Account at the bottom right.
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