Setting Job Templates

A job template is basically a series of predefined steps that you lay down to help your field agents complete a Work Order or Inspection. 

Named Job Templates provide a convenient way to configure and re-use a variety of Work Order or Inspection options and reduce repetitive typing when creating a Work Order or Inspection. 

Here let’s see how a Work Order/Inspection template is set up. 

There are two ways to create a new job template.

Using Job Templates Module

  1. Navigate to – Main Menu > Jobs > Job Templates. Choose between Work Orders or Inspections. 
  1. Click + Work Order Template
  1. Add template details.
    • Give a Template Name
    • Select a Category from the dropdown.
    • Add description or attachments, if required. 
    • Check off Track Agent Status, if required.
    • Add Estimate items in the estimates section.
  1. Primary Agent Responsibilities
    • Toggle buttons – Estimate, Forms, Invoice, Signatures & Follow Up
    • Click the star to mark each item as mandatory.

Mandatory items are required actions to be completed by field agents on-site.  

  1. Click Save Work Order Template

Note: Only a Work Template Name is mandatory in the steps above and all the rest are optional.

Once a template is applied to a work order you can still edit the items in the template.

While Creating Jobs

The other way to set up and save job templates is when creating a work order or inspection. 

  1. Go to – Jobs > All Jobs > +Work Order/Inspection
  1. Add the required job information.
    • Work Order/Inspection details
    • Tasks, Estimates, Sites & Entities, and Primary Agent Responsibilities
  2. Check off Save Work Order/Inspection Template

4. Enter a template name. Enable Make Default, if you need it to be the standard template for all your Work Orders/Inspections. Click Save.

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