Difference between Quotes & Estimates

A quotation and estimate differ from each other in relatively few ways.


A quote is a fixed price offer that gives an exact picture of the work order including all the service costs. The costs specified in a quotation are not usually altered after being confirmed by the customer, which means that they will remain the same even if any additional work or expenses are involved. 

The major advantage for a company is that a quotation from ReachOut can be raised without visiting the client location; directly from the office.

Once the quote is approved by the customer, service managers can move ahead and get started with the job. This quote then gets carried along into the job when it is converted.


An estimate, on the other hand, is a rough educated guess at how much a job may likely cost. The costs specified in an estimate do not remain fixed and are subject to change during the course of the job when any changing circumstances occur. 

Service managers can begin with an estimate to make a rough guess at how much the work will cost before raising a final invoice. 

Raising estimates can be done through the mobile application while the technician is on the job site. Estimates can be done from the job site, unlike generating quotes for work.

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