Generating Job Report

As a Field Service Administrator or Supervisor, verify that all aspects of the job, from tasks to final invoicing, have been carried out correctly as per the instructions. If all looks good, you can access a job report, customize it, and email it to the customer directly from ReachOut.

Follow the below steps to generate the Job Report:

  1. Go to Jobs > All Jobs.
  2. Click on a completed job (identified by the status indicator label)and the three dots button on the right side of the Job Details page.  The job report can be generated only for completed jobs.
  1. Select the Export icon to generate the job report.
  1. The job report will open in PDF format, which includes the cover page, job details, agent log, attached forms, form images, job gallery images, estimates, and invoices. 
  1. If you want to customize the Job Report, click the Customize button.
  2. In the ‘Customize My Job Report’ pop-up:
    • Click on the required sections or the Select All icon to include all sections in the job report.
    • Click the Save as Default option to set the report settings as default, which will help generate the report with the default settings in the future.
    • To generate the report, click the Generate Report button.
  1. If you want to save a copy of the job report, click the Download icon.
  1. Click the Email Report button to attach the job report and email to the customer.
  1. You may add more recipients to the email report and edit the email content if required.
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