Account Management

You can add the payment details and manage the billing from within your ReachOut account.

Adding Payment Details

For this,

  1. Click Add Card on the overview screen.

    Alternatively, you can navigate to – Settings > Account > Billing & Payment and click on Add Card to update the payment information.

  2. Add users and card details.
    • Choose the required number of Users.
    • Select billing mode – Monthly or Annual.
    • Enter card details – cardholder name, card number, expiry date, & CVV.
    • Add coupon code by checking off I have a coupon code.
    • Click Add Card.

Updating Payment Details & Managing Billing

To view plan details and update payment information,

  1. Open the Billing & Payment tab.
  2. Review details of your subscribed plan – User Count, Current Plan, Payment Overdue, and Next Expected Bill.
  3. Update card details
    • Click Update Info.
    • Select Choose another way to pay.
    • Enter Card Number and Expiration Date.
    • Click Update.

  4. You can view all the transactions you made under Transaction History.
  5. Use the download icon to save the transaction invoice as a pdf onto your device.
  6. To delete your account, click Delete Account at the bottom right.
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