General App Settings

Here we’ll walk you through how to configure basic settings for the web app. 

Once you login, navigate to – Settings > Preferences 

Under the General tab, click the Edit icon or use the Toggle button next to each field and update them as following:

  • Currency – Set a default currency for your account. Choose a Currency Symbol from the dropdown. Click save. 
  • Date & Time – Set date and time preferences. Pick a Date and Time Format. Save the settings. 
  • Inventory Tracking – Enable this feature to allocate parts to field agents, track their usage and returns. If disabled, please contact ReachOut Customer Support Team to re-enable this feature. 
  • Rescheduling for Field Agent – Turn on this feature to allow a field agent to reschedule a job. 
  • Limit Upcoming Schedules in App – Set future task visibility for field agents. Choose between days or weeks to filter the listing duration. 
  • Track Agent’s Geolocation – Set the time interval at which you need to collect the geolocation of field agents. Shorter duration will cause higher battery consumption on the device. 
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