Creating Forms

A form is a template of questions that can be reused. In ReachOut, you can create standard forms laid with different question types. An instance of the form can be linked to any work order or inspection request. The in-built form builder makes it easy to create brand new forms or edit existing forms. Instances of forms simplify data gathering by users.

To start creating forms, 

  1. Navigate to Jobs > Forms > Work Orders/Inspections > + Form.
  1. Select the Create from scratch to add your own template.
  1. Give a title for the form in the text box below. Click Start.

(You also can also edit any existing form for reuse by selecting Copy & edit an existing form)  

  1. This will open the form builder with a new page. You can change the default name of the page by clicking on the edit icon. Choose the number of pages required in the form by selecting + Page.
  1. Select the desired Question Types from the list on the right side of the screen. This will then display the layout for the selected question type, which you can start filling in.
  1. For instance, if you select Multiple Choice as the question type, the layout contains a Question box to address any standard procedure involved and two Options fields beneath where you can list out the answers. Click + Add another option to include additional option fields for the question. 
  1. Specify if you should make the questions mandatory, allow comments, or multiple answers to the question by marking the checkboxes for the same. 
  1. Click Save. If you wish to include multiple questions on one page, click Save & Add Next Question.
  1. You can also import and attach any questionnaires along with the form. For this, click on the Import Questionnaire button at the top right. Upload the questionnaire from your system and select Import. There is also an option to download a sample questionnaire, where you can add data or create a new one in the same format to import. 
  1.  Once done, click on Publish this Form

Published forms can be found in the Forms section of the Jobs module. You create instances of a published form when you select a form during the job creation process.

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