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How do I create Users?

Users can be of three kinds – Administrators, Team Leaders and Field Agents. As an admin, you can manage things on the web, while field agents head outdoors and execute inspections and work orders. Team Leaders are essentially Field Agents who oversee a group of one or more Field Agents as well.

Here’s how you can create a user –

ReachOut -> Left Side Panel-> Users and Teams -> Users -> Click Add New User Button

  • Select the user type: a field agent, an admin or a team lead.
  • Fill in the details, First Name, Last Name, E-mail address and Contact Number for your user.
  • Provide the appropriate access privileges to each module (Inspections, Work Order and Surveys).
  • You can set a password for your user or you can let the user set the password themselves.
  • Save. And you’re done! You have just created your first user.

Note: In the free tier, you are provided with 3 users. The first user is set up as the admin, that allows you to create 2 other users who can be admins or field agents. 

Learn what is a team and how to add agents to a team.

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