How to Reconnect QuickBooks to my account

If for any reason you have disconnected QuickBooks from your account, the reconnect option in ReachOut comes handy. You can reconnect your ReachOut account with QuickBooks without losing any of your customer, inventory or invoicing data.

It’s a one-click solution that will reintegrate QuickBooks and all corresponding data into your account at once. Here’s how you can reconnect your ReachOut account with QuickBooks.

  • Login to your account and open Application Settings by navigating to: Settings > Preferences > Third Party Integration
  • Under Third Party Settings, click on the Connect button for Quickbooks. After disconnecting from QuickBooks, this button will automatically change from Disconnect to Connect back again.

  • At the login interface of QuickBooks, enter your Email/User ID and Password for signing in to your account.

  • Once your account is reconnected with QuickBooks, you will be redirected back to your account with a message displaying the status of Authentication and other particulars.

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