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A Quick Overview

OK, you’re signed up and ready to go… Almost. You’ll want to spend a little time getting accustomed to ReachOut first.

This video is a walk-through of these user-interface basics — from your perspective as the ReachOut administrator:

  • Navigation overview
  • Why do I see items I didn’t create? (i.e., the sample test data)
  • Setting up a user as a “Field Agent”
  • Create and assign a very simple Inspection

How will the Inspection look on the Smartphone app? From the app user’s perspective, Reachout is dead easy to learn. Here we show:

  • Opening an Inspection
  • Downloading details
  • A simple form example
  • Saving and uploading results

This page gives only a flavor of how to work with ReachOut. Spend some time to learn more about ReachOut…we’ve only touched the surface. Try things out. You won’t break anything. At any time, you can get context-sensitive-help by clicking the icon  Context Help in the upper right-edge of the ReachOut window.

User documentation is provided at the bottom of the Overview (the first choice in the main navigator) page, accessed via the View All Knowledge Base Articles link. Here is a selection of topics to review:

  • Review the Forms, Inspections, and Work Order samples that have been provided as examples.
  • Focus on either Inspections or Work Orders to begin. See: “How ReachOut is organized“.
  • Look at Get Started, a choice under Inspection Management and Work Order Management in ReachOut’s left-hand-side navigation.
  • Learn how to create your own Forms. See: “How do I create Forms?” .
  • Dispatching assignments is easy. See: “How to dispatch work orders?
  • Workflow between those creating assignments and those doing them. See: “The Pipeline View
  • Change the default Preferences to settings that better suit you. See: “How do I set my Preferences?”

Still have questions? Need help? Got suggestions? Contact us at

When you are ready, you can quickly delete all the Customers, Inspections, Tickets, and Work Orders in  ReachOut. That way you won’t have samples and test data cluttering your system when you “go live.” Here’s how: “How does Master Reset work?

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