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How to Add a Customer?

Customers can be entered as individuals or an organisation. Navigate from

1. ReachOut > 2. Customers > Add a Customer

Fill in all the mandatory fields to easily reference this customer any time you create an Inspection, Work Order or a Ticket. New Customers can also be added on the go, whenever you are creating an inspection, work order or ticket.

(If you have a large list of customers that you would like to import into the system, we can do that for you at no extra charge. Just email us a request for assistance at:


What are Sites?

A Site is a designation that refers to a specific area at a location. Sites can be as simple as a floor number, or a set of stalls in a store, for example. Thus, sites are a sub-category within a location. How you define them is up to you.

What are Contacts?

A Customer Location can have multiple people associated with it as Contacts. Reach them via the e-mail, mobile number, work phone, etc. you record for them.

What are Entities?

Let’s take a step back. So a Customer can have multiple Locations. Each of these Locations can have multiple Sites. Now, each of these sites can have, if desired, a bunch of Entities. What are Entities? An Entity is a distinct instance of a “Entity Type.” (Entity Types are defined in the Inspection Management module.) An Entity is used as the object of an Inspection. For example, an Entity Type of “Computer” might have attributes like Manufacturer, Model, and Serial Number. An Entity of type “Computer” can be set up with attributes “Apple,” “MacBook,” and “SN-A234294332.”

Watch this video below to know more about customer section of ReachOut

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