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Completing Work Orders Online

Work Orders are executed by the technician onsite with the ReachOut App on their mobile phone

On the Mobile Phone:

  1. Tap on the Reachout App icon and navigate to the work order and tap to open the work order
  2. Download instructions
  3. Check In
  4. Get Customer Signature to approve Estimate
  5. Complete the work order and fill in the form
  6. Get the Customer signature to approve the invoice
  7. Add field agent’s signature to confirm work done.
  8. Check Out of the Work Order
  9. Submit the Work Order
  10. Work Order details uploaded to the Cloud
  11. Admin / Supervisor gets the WO details with status as completed
  12. The Invoice is generated and can be viewed or downloaded from the invoices home page.
  13. When Payment is received the invoice can be changed to a paid status from the invoices home page by the admin/supervisor.

For Each of the feature listed below the Work Order has to be setup by the admin or supervisor
to where these features are selected in the work order creation.
If these selections are made mandatory the app will require that the technicians complete the respective sections to be able to submit the work order.

  • CheckIn / CheckOut
  • Estimate and Customer Approval for Estimates
  • Forms
  • Invoices and Customer Approval for Invoices
  • Customer Signature for Work Completion.
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