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What does ‘Clear All Data’ do?

Purpose of the ‘Clear All Data’ option on ReachOut:

Every ReachOut account comes preloaded with sample data: sample Customers, Inspections, Work Orders, Tickets and Forms so that you can take it for a test drive immediately after signup. You can try out the various features available on ReachOut using the sample data, or you may create your own set of data and experiment with those.

Once you’re ready to “go live” on ReachOut, be sure to clear the sample data first. That’s where the Clear All Data option comes in handy. The Reset button located under Clear All Data, instantly clears all sample data from your account and allows you to start afresh without wasting valuable time, which would be otherwise spent on manual deletion.

Where can I find the ‘Clear All Data’ option?

It’s located right under your Settings tab, on the main menu.
Settings -> Account Settings -> Clear All Data
Simply click on the Reset button to rid your account of all sample data.
Please note that this action will not only delete the sample data but will also wipe out any data that you may have entered.- However, rest assured that this will NOT delete the Users & Setting Preferences as those will be preserved.

Wanna get the Sample Data back?

No Worries! We got you covered! Whether you accidentally deleted the sample data or just had a change of heart and want to restore the sample, there’s a very easy fix.

Simply click on the Reset & Import button located under the Restore Sample Data option.This will restore the system generated sample data for you, within a matter of seconds.
So, what’s the catch? Unfortunately, resetting & importing the sample data will NOT restore any of the data you may have manually entered into the system, so proceed with caution.
To import and restore the sample data, go to:
Settings -> Account Settings -> Reset & Import

Note: If the Import button is disabled, you will have to first do a Reset.
To know more about managing Users, click here.
To know more about managing Preferences, click here.

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