What are Invoice Statuses?

After an invoice has been created, you can move it between different statuses to indicate its current state in the billing cycle. 

You can list invoice status on the basis of payment or the actual state of the invoice. 

  • Active – Invoice has been created, but it has not been sent to the customer. A newly-created invoice is set to Active status by default. 
  • Void – Invoice is voided. If there is any error, you can cancel the invoice without deleting it from the system. 
  • Paid – Invoice has been paid by the customer in full. 
  • Not Paid – Invoice has not yet been paid by the customer. 
  1. View the current status of all generated invoices on the Invoices home page. 
  1. To change the invoice status, click the View icon under the Action column next to the created invoice. 
  1. Here, you can move the invoice status to Paid by checking the box for Mark Invoice as Paid and confirm Yes

This will stamp the payment status on the invoice header and is available when downloading the invoice as a PDF or emailing it to customers. 

  1. To void an invoice and change its status, click on the Action drop-down at the top right and select Mark as void

You can undo the Void status of the invoice and mark it as Active by clicking on the invoice header.

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