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How do I create Forms?

Forms are created separately for Inspections and Work Orders. That is, the Forms created for Inspections cannot be used with Work Orders, and vice versa. Here are the navigational steps to create a new form. From the ReachOut navigation, use either:

Inspection Management -> Forms -> New Form button


Work Order Management -> Forms -> New Form button

When you create a New Form you can elect to start with an empty slate or you can start with a duplicate of a previously created form that you can then modify as you’d like. Here are the options you’ll be presented with:

Create from scratch – Now you have a blank form to add questions to… just give it a title first.
Copy & edit an existing form – Select the form you’d like to make a copy of and enter a title for your new form.

Enter a title to your new form and hit Start button.

You will now enter the form builder. From here you can:

  • Enter questions. A question can be mandatory or optional. A question can accept answers in three ways:
    • as plain text
    • as a single choice from choices provided
    • as multiple choices from choices provided

    Adding Form Questions from Fingent Corporation on Vimeo.

Working with Pages

  • Create and name pages. Pages are presented to the mobile user in a “table-of-contents” like view in the mobile app. Each page in the view is numbered and has a name. Pages contain questions that are accessed by scrolling down the page. Media added by the app user is associated with a page, not a particular question on the page.
  • Page logic to display hidden pages. A page marked as “Hidden” can only be seen by the assigned field agent if a question on a previous page has had an answer choice configured to expose the hidden page, and the agent has chosen that answer. For example, an answer of “yes” to the question “Do you have a car?” might expose a hidden page with car-related questions.

    Pages on Forms from Fingent Corporation on Vimeo.

Inspection Form Question Attributes

Some form attributes are only available for forms in the Inspection Management section of ReachOut. Access these options using the “Baseline” button under the Form Options heading on the Form Controls Panel in the upper left of the Forms creation screen.

Form Controls Panel

Form Controls Panel

  • Inspection forms can track “Compliance.” That is, whether the answer to a choice-question is “Compliant” or “Not Compliant”. Questions for which this characteristic does not apply, such as the question “What is today’s date?” won’t be tallied in the count of Compliant or Non Compliant questions.
  • Inspection forms can “Score” answers. Answers to choice-questions can be assigned a numeric score from 0 to 100. An inspection score is computed for all answered questions based on the average of the scores of the answers provided. Unanswered or “N/A” questions aren’t counted. You can have both Compliance and Scoring questions used in the same form.

Publishing the Form

A form is not available for use in an Inspection or a Work Order until it is “Published”. Until then, it is “Unpublished.”

Publish the form by pressing the blue “Publish this Form” button in the Forms Controls Panel.

If you are editing a previously published form, your edited version is in a draft mode and the previous version of the form is available for use. When you publish your draft, the previous version becomes no longer available for use.

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