How to Add a Work Order?

There are 3 options to create a work order.

1.  You can add it from the Overview (start page). See screenshot below.

Start Page of ReachOut

2. You can create a Work Order from scratch from the Work Order Home Page in the Work order Management.

Create a work order

3. You can create a work order for each customer by navigating to Customers and selecting the customer to which you would like to add the work order. Once you visit the customer’s page,  you can add a work order using the drop down menu available in the Locations tab.

Add work order from Customers

Once you opt to create a work order, you will have to add work order details

  1. Enter a name for the Work Order
  2. Select a time schedule
  3. Opt to add either Features – check in/ check out, customer signature, agent signature, invoice, estimates to the work order
  4. Select a form
  5. And click on Save.

Add Work Order Details


This creates the work order

Watch the video that explains how to add a work order.

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